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Sweet November

This was one of those movies where you go into it not really knowing what to expect or even what the plot of the whole thing is. At first it made no sense. A guy…and not just any guy, but Keanu Reeves! In the first five minutes he shows us that he is not only rich but an arrogant prick as well. He thinks he’s all that…but really he ain’t nothing.

He runs into this beautiful waif of a girl at the DMV station while they are taking a driving test and after that there’s no stopping THIS woman. Not only does she appear to be insane, to the audience as well as Keanu, but she left me wondering what excatly IS she trying to do here? She’s practically forcing this guy to stay with her for a month.

Well, most men would give their left nut to shack up with Charilize Theron for one night, let alone 30 days, but Keanu believes her to be mentally desturbed and wants nothing to do with her. Well, she’s very convencing AND persuasive and so he decides to stay for one day, if only to shut her up. What he didn’t know was that he would wind up falling in love with this girl who not only ends up not being crazy but also ends up loving life. This is something that never before crossed his mind....that there’s something besides work and money.

I won’t say that this flick ends the “fairytale way”, but I will say that this movie is definitely worth seeing and not just for the female species. If a man has any heart at all, he will want to see this movie too. Cause it’s not just a chick flick, but it’s a good movie with a savory after taste that keeps you thinking about life....YOUR life and how you have to cherish those close to you NOW while they are still with you to cherish.

-Lady Arwen

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