What Women Want

What Women Want is a film about a man's man who can hear women's thoughts, and quickly discover that what women say and what women think are often two totally different things. It ironic then to find that What Women Want is really an honest film that comes right out and says what its thinking without beating around the bush. The Hobbit may not agree with its ideology, but that doesn't mean he can't enjoy a smart, funny film when he sees it.

You see, What Women Want has a message. Yes its funny, but the pervading theme of the entire film is that the world would be a better place if men thought like women. Men are presented as big, crude, inferior members of the species, who if they could only understand what women want and who women are, could become better human beings themselves. As a man, The Hobbit finds this mildly offensive to men everywhere, but the film is constructed in such a way that this theme can be totally ignored in favor of comedy.

And What Women Want IS funny. Perhaps not as funny as other recent films, but it mixes in a medely of surreal seriousness which really makes it lovable. Mel Gibson is a delight, as he always is when he plays a mildly unbalanced macho man. And despite the fact that Helen Hunt is starting to look like a dried up stringy carrot as she gets older, she did a passable job as Gibson's love interest. But am I the only one that notices that Helen Hunt only has one expression? The woman is damn near unreadable sometimes, she always has this puppy dog in heat look on her face and its downright distracting at times. The Film Hobbit reccomends less of that gooey facial cream and more stretching of the facial muscles to improve her Hollywood worth.

Without a doubt though, the biggest delight in this film was Judy Greer who played a nearly infintesimal role when compared to Gibson, Hunt, or Marrissa Tome', but the Hobbit couldn't help but be delighted by her character Erin. Despite the fact that her scenes were few, and glimpses of her often fleeting, there is something about this young, plain looking actress that truly shines. Director's take note! This girl just may go somewhere if given the chance for while she lacks the hollywood glitter of so many movie babes, she has a simple charm, and more importantly real acting talent.

In the end, Women Want is really a film catering to women, but with enough appeal to men to make it worthwhile for just about anyone, whether they be single lonely male, or married with 6 grandkids grandpa. If you've ever considered trying on panty hose, or have thought about what it would be like to wear lipstick, you'll probably enjoy What Women Want right along with the rest of us. But please don't sit to close to me, and consider finding yourself a woman before you start batting for the other team.