8 Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Supporting Characters We'd Like To Know More About

Maz Kanata with her goggles on
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Star Wars' Sequel Trilogy is arguably the most polarizing trilogy of the franchise. It's so polarizing that it's a legitimate question when, if ever, it will get revisited on the big screen. I have faith that day will come, and when it does, there are some supporting characters I'd like to see return as well. 

Of course, not every supporting character can have their story expanded past the Sequel Trilogy. Some can, and we get into all types of supporting characters below; we just got the slightest amount of information on these individuals when there was so much more to give. Let's see more of these characters, if only to get some closure in some cases because there's real potential for good stories here. 

Pryde bowing to Palpatine

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Allegiant General Pryde

Allegiant General Pryde is a Sequel Trilogy character who flourished just a bit too late. He gained control of the First Order in just enough time for the final battle on Exegol, and then promptly died in the encounter. His grand moment will live on as a failure, but what about everything that led up it?

Pryde didn’t just randomly assume a high level of command in the First Order by being lucky, though we haven’t seen that rise in the ranks just yet. Pryde has the potential to be a villain in some Star Wars spinoff project or a key player in other Star Wars stories predating his death. I’m sure he’ll be back, but when that happens is unclear. 

Zorii Bliss with a gun on Poe Dameron

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Zorii Bliss

For being the leader of the Spice Runners of Kijimi, Zorii Bliss didn’t get a lot of love in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Part of that feels linked to the fact she arrived so late in the trilogy, which left little time to tell her story, let alone make people care. People just marveled at the armor, and then when she wasn’t a major part of the adventure, moved on without much to wonder about further. 

The thing is, I’m still thinking about Zorii Bliss and what her life is like in the post-First Order era. Did sparks fly between her and Poe Dameron with the war over, or did they go their separate ways? Let's find out!

Maz Kanata with her goggles off

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Maz Kanata

Of the characters most likely to get follow-up adventures and meaningful inclusion into works that follow the Sequel Trilogy, Maz Kanata seems like the most likely. The mysterious Force-sensitive humanoid gave some great help to the Resistance across the Sequel Trilogy, but it always seemed like there was more to her story than Star Wars presented. 

Star Wars fans still don’t know the species of Maz Kanata, which only furthers the intrigue surrounding her character. She’s 1,000 years old, which makes her older than Yoda and somehow still alive in the Sequel Trilogy. That alone warrants some kind of investigation, but also opens her up for appearances in other eras, like the Prequel Trilogy, The High Republic and so on. It’s easy to see where her story can expand, but will Star Wars do it?

The Knights of Ren on a rock

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The Knights Of Ren

Star Wars had fans hyped with The Knights Of Ren, but for some strange reason, Kylo Ren’s elite fighting force of disciples never got their time to truly shine on the big screen. Writers made efforts to try and strengthen their role in the Sequel Trilogy through supplemental material, but none of it quite justifies why none of them ever got to shine until they were finally slain by Ben Solo in Episode IX

The thing is, we know Exegol is a mystical place for the Dark Side, and Force users in Star Wars have a hard time staying dead. If I were to learn at least one or two of the Knights survived, I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest. In fact, I kind of want that, so I’m hoping to see some sort of Knights of Ren resurrection revealed in the years to come.

DJ surrendering

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DJ is one of the most mysterious characters of the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy. Finn and Rose sought out “the master code breaker” on Canto Bight, but were unable to link up with him. Instead, they’re thrown in prison and meet DJ, who gains their trust with his slicer skills. DJ is a true neutral in the fight between the Resistance and First Order, as he helped Rose and Finn, while also selling out the Resistance’s escape mission all for a bunch of money. 

After that moment, we’re not sure what happened to DJ. That’s sort of on-brand considering his motto was not to take a side in the conflict. DJ showing up on Exegol to fight would contradict all the character said in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, so it tracks he wouldn’t be around to fight the good fight. Still, where exactly did he end up and what’s he up to currently? I’d like to know, especially if he finally decided to choose a side. 

Lor San Tekka about to be executed

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Lor San Tekka

Lor San Tekka had the attention of Star Wars fans early and often. I think it’s partly because he gave off strong Alec Guinness in Star Wars: A New Hope vibes, especially since the character had information to pass along to Poe Dameron. He died at the hand of Kylo Ren not long after, but should that be the end of his story? 

I don’t believe so, and I think there are still many stories to tell about Lor San Tekka and the adventures that inevitably led him to that map fragment. I’m all about hearing more adventures about the human explorers of Star Wars after the Galactic Civil War, and I think there are some fun stories that can come out of it. Why not give this guy a shot and see what writers can deliver?

Jannah reading her scanner gun

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Jannah is yet another character Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker set up for some significant storyline, but her narrative fell to the wayside in the action of the movie. That’s a shame, because as another defector of the First Order, there was an immediate connection with Finn. She was a key player in the fight on Exegol, and the end of Episode IX brought an exciting and untold chapter to her future. 

Star Wars teased the next chapter of Jannah’s story when Lando Calrissian offered to fly her around the galaxy to find where she was from originally. It felt like the groundwork for a Disney+ series, but there are no announcements yet. Hopefully, we see something like that down the stretch.

Babu Frik about to work on a droid

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Babu Frik

Babu Frik is one of the most meme’d characters of Star Wars’ Sequel Trilogy, and yet we know next to nothing about this little Anzellan. As far as what we do know, he worked as a Droidsmith with the Spice Runners of Kijimi, and he seems to be a skilled technician. After all, one has to imagine re-programming C-3PO was no easy task, especially since he was created by some random kid on Tatooine decades previously. 

I’m not sure Star Wars can justify a series or film set squarely on the shoulders of Babu Frik, but he’d be another great supporting character in some adventure down the stretch. I want to know more about his days amongst the Spice Runners, or at the very least what he got to work doing after the collapse of the First Order. Whatever Babu Frik is doing, I can only assume it’s awesome. 

Star Wars' Sequel Trilogy likely won’t be revisited for a while now, but that doesn’t mean the franchise is in a holding pattern. For more on the expansion of the franchise, be sure to find out what we learned about Star Wars: Visions and the possibility of the animated anthology returning for Season 2.

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