After Manifest, Stephen King Wants To Save Another Cancelled TV Show

Stephen King seems to have made a habit out of saving cancelled TV shows. After the famous author joined the fight to save Manifest, Netflix ended up ordering a fourth season of NBC's mystery series. Now, King is calling on Hulu to save another program: Y: The Last Man

The story of Manifest was cut short when NBC cancelled the mystery series last June. When the first three seasons hit Netflix that same month, many fans petitioned the streaming giant to save it a la Lucifer. An online petition racked up thousands of signatures, including that of the seminal horror writer. Faced with the overwhelming support of the fanbase, Netflix ordered a "supersized" fourth and final season

This isn’t the first time Netflix has saved a cancelled TV show, but the support of a pop culture legend probably didn't hurt things. In an attempt to save Y: The Last Man from a similar fate after Hulu passed on picking up a second season, the writer tweeted some thoughts, saying:

Is Y THE LAST MAN really canceled? Please say not. Although far from perfect (and some of the scenes are so dark you can't tell who's talking), it's one of the most interesting shows on TV. C'mon, Hulu...or somebody... don't leave me hanging.

Based on the eponymous comic book series, Y: The Last Man is a post-apocalyptic saga developed for FX on Hulu . In the world of the show, a catastrophic event has caused every mammal with a Y chromosome to die under mysterious circumstances, aside from human Yorick Brown (hence the show’s title) and his pet monkey. The series was particularly lauded for its updated take on gender, although some critics noted issues with plotting. 

Despite the mostly positive reception, the show still met an unfortunate demise, even before its initial season finished airing. This decision prompted a fair amount of outrage from fans, especially because the season ends with plot points unresolved.

While he acknowledged some of the show's flaws, Stephen King is definitely on board for a potential new season. Hulu may not resurrect the series, but another network or streaming service could swoop in and save the day. Some of King’s fans on Twitter also suggested that he provide an ending himself. While this may seem like wishful thinking at the moment, stranger things have happened. All in all, it'll be interesting to see if the comic book adaptation finds new life somewhere.

The first season of Y: The Last Man can be streamed on Hulu, while he first three seasons of Manifest are available to stream now on Netflix. The fourth season doesn’t have a set premiere date yet, so be sure to check back here on CinemaBlend for future updates. 

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