The Save Manifest Movement Just Got A Boost From Stephen King


The Manifest fandom is still growing nearly two months after the show was cancelled by NBC, and now a horror legend has added his voice to the calls for the show to get another shot on TV. Stephen King has given the "Save Manifest" movement a boost, and a vote of confidence from the man who has been incredibly successful in generating fiction for decades is no small deal.

Stephen King's show of support for the "Save Manifest" movement was short and sweet, but to the point and shared with a massive audience. Take a look at his message:

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Although Stephen King didn't elaborate on when he started watching Manifest or why he thinks it should be saved, his tweet quickly started racking up the "likes" and – most importantly – retweets, so the message is spreading. In fact, I would guess that not all of King's followers were even familiar with Manifest, so it's possible that his post put the cancelled show on the radar of some who haven't checked it out before.

Could this be one step closer to Manifest getting that rescue that fans have been pushing for since the cancellation following the game-changing Season 3 finale back in June? Stephen King has 6.5 million followers on Twitter. The timing of his tweet suggests that King, like so many others, may have started watching Manifest thanks to the first two seasons' availability streaming on Netflix.

At the top of writing, Manifest currently holds the #10 spot on Netflix's Top 10 ranking. While that's considerably lower than the top spot (or at least top three) that Manifest held for quite a while, it's still very impressive for a non-original series that hit the streamer months ago, and doesn't even offer all three seasons. Peacock is currently the place to find the most recent (and currently final) season of Manifest.

So, does the support of Stephen King on top of the countless fans pushing for a renewal mean that more Manifest could actually be on the way? At one point, it looked like its chances were completely dead, as both NBC and Netflix reportedly passed on bringing it back due some complicated behind-the-scenes situations, but when the show just wouldn't quit racking up views on Netflix, conversations are said to have started up again.

So, a fourth season to finish things up, a fourth season leading into a fifth and sixth to complete showrunner Jeff Rake's six-season vision, and/or a TV movie to tie off loose ends aren't totally off the table for fans to consider, although nothing is guaranteed at this point. Even with Stephen King's support, the "Save Manifest" movement won't necessarily result in Manifest getting a second life. Oddly enough, Manifest isn't the only somewhat random TV show that King has recently tweeted in support of, although Manifest is at least somewhat close to King's usual genre.

For now, you can check out Manifest Seasons 1 and 2 streaming on Netflix, with the third streaming on Peacock, and join throngs of fans in crossing their fingers for news that the show will return. For some shows that are already guaranteed futures on television in the coming months, our 2021 fall TV premiere schedule can help you out!

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