Casey Anthony's Peacock Documentary Premiered, And People Are Outraged About Its Mere Existence

Casey Anthony’s murder trial involving the death of her daughter, Caylee Anthony, arguably remains one of the most notorious true crime stories of the last 20 years. As such, it’s no surprise that TV projects centered on Anthony's story generally find success when they're released. With that said, many have strong opinions about giving Casey a platform to tell her side of the story and, on that note, Peacock’s Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies has already drawn a lot of reactions on its release day. 

Viewers are already using their Peacock subscriptions to check out the docuseries and are quickly taking issue with Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies. As was the case during the trial, some are struggling to believe Anthony’s comments regarding her daughter’s death. Specifically, many on Twitter are upset about Anthony’s claim that her daughter drowned, especially given prior evidence presented appeared to prove that was not the case: 

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It seems clear, based on the reactions around the web, that many are not buying the recollection of events presented in the show. Some even claim it’s obvious that the 36-year-old woman is being dishonest throughout the docuseries and is intentionally distorting the truth in an effort to make herself look better: 

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Casey Anthony’s latest interview seems to have dredged up a number of inconsistencies between her side of the story and the one that much of the public saw presented during the 2011 trial. The events of that courtroom case were so upsetting to some that they’d rather go to extremes than listen to more stories from Anthony and hear her maintain her innocence:

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Some prospective viewers would sooner check out a long list of the best true crime shows rather than Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies for reasons beyond the subject's interpretation of events. A handful of individuals seem to fear that by watching the docuseries, they’ll be supporting Anthony financially. While it’s unclear as to whether or not that is indeed the case, social media commentators are still pointing out the notion:

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The United States is currently experiencing a period of time in which there is massive, ideological division amongst the general public, though Peacock might’ve provided a great unifier here. In a time where some may feel the country is divided, one user pointed out there seems to be some common ground when it comes to this latest streaming production:

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Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies is presented in three parts and runs for over three hours in total. In that time, Anthony revisits topics such as how she decided when to report her daughter missing, her childhood, and her account of what she thinks happened years after she was found not guilty by a jury for the murder of Caylee Anthony. The docuseries features unprecedented access to Anthony who, among other things, addresses the theory that her father was actually responsible for the murder. 

That, and other subjects, are waiting for any individual looking to stream the latest true-crime offering. Given the popularity of shows like Netflix’s Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, it’s not surprising to see that Peacock chose to produce a documentary about Casey Anthony. Still, much like the Dahmer series, it’s seeing the same amount of criticism from the public. 

Anyone interested in watching Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies can check it out on Peacock now. Those looking for something else to watch can always take a look at CinemaBlend's 2022 TV schedule, which still has some new shows worth checking. 

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