Control Z Season 3 Ending: The Series’ Final Twist Explained

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Control Z (or CTRL Z) is one of those really great teen drama shows that's a little over the top, similar to Pretty Little Liars and Elite. It’s suspenseful, dramatic, and deliciously soapy. Control Z Season 1 had plenty of jaw-dropping twists, but the Control Z Season 3 ending maybe even more twisty and ridiculously fun. 

The series follows outcast Sofia (Ana Valeria Becerril), who finds herself at the center of a mysterious social media account. In Control Z Season 1, a hacker uses the account to expose National School students' secrets, including some of Sofia’s. The third and final season of Control Z puts Sofia and her friends once again against the _allyoursecrets_ anonymous account. We're sad to see Control Z join the list of shows ending in 2022, but the Control Z ending gave us a satisfying conclusion.

Let’s dig into that Control Z Season 3 ending. 

Warning: Control Z Season 3 spoilers ahead. Proceed with caution. 

Ana Valeria Becerril and Yankel Stevan in Control Z Season 3

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What Happened At The End Of Control Z Season 3

Sofia and Raul (Yankel Stevan) find themselves surrounded by _allyoursecrets_ followers. Sofia realizes that the followers are still being guided by someone. She gets them to remove their masks to take away the power _allyoursecrets_ has with them remaining anonymous. Sofia reveals that it’s Bruno (Mauro Sanchez Navarro) behind _allyoursecrets_.

He never lost control of it as he claimed. The _allyoursecrets_ followers turn on him. Sofia and Raul reunite with Javi (Michael Ronda), Natalia (Macarena Garcia Romero), and the rest. They have to make amends for their past crimes, so they head to the National School graduation ceremony. 

Sofia takes the stage. She starts her confession about Susana’s (Thanya Lopez) death. During the speech, there are flashes of their dreams, then some images of a reality where they all do community service for their crimes. Javi’s dad is the only one shown in prison. 

Months later, Sofia and Javi meet at a cafe to talk. Sofia tells him that she’s happy about Natalia and him, and misses him. He then tells her that he can’t let one thing go: why Natalia was brought back by _allyoursecrets_. He then launches into an explanation about why he thinks that Raul never stopped running the account. It was all to break them up and get her back.

He then questions if she knew it was Raul. She denies it and tells Javi that he has the wrong conclusion. They say that they love each other, and Sofia leaves. Outside the cafe, Raul stands there ready to pick her up. He asks her what Javi wanted to tell her, but she teases him about not letting him know and they ride off. 

Yankel Stevan in Control Z

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The Clues That Led To The Raul Reveal 

Sofia’s final quote (according to English subtitles) is that she’s going to leave Raul wondering about what Javi told her. This also seems to be a nod to the viewers. We’re left to wonder if Javi finally cracked the code, and Raul planned all this to get Sofia back. We may not have a concrete answer, but I think Javi is right.

If you go back and rewatch Control Z Season 3 knowing that Raul is probably behind _allyoursecrets_ again, you can see some glaring clues. All throughout, he makes it his mission to interfere in Sofia and Javi’s romance at any chance possible. He even, at one point, says his mission is to get his girlfriend back. When _allyoursecrets_ starts to expose the group’s secrets again, he releases some pretty inconsequential secrets about Raul. A picture of Raul lying in bed seems tame compared to exposing crimes, affairs, and secret children. 

Most of _allyoursecrets_ plans against Raul make him seem as helpless and vulnerable as possible. He also eliminates any popularity and happiness Sofia has so that she goes back to the Sofia he fell for in Season 1. There are also little easter eggs, like Sofia basically having her crime board pointing to Raul or Bruno as being _allyoursecrets_. Then basically everyone, but Sofia, continues to say Raul is behind the account. Sofia also says it a few times — before giving another possibility — and we see Raul get nervous. Control Z very cleverly lets us know that it’s Raul all season, but like Sofia, we kind of don’t believe it until the end. This gives the show a similar vibe to crime thrillers with shocking endings.

Despite Raul ruining Bruno’s life, I believe that once again Bruno would take the fall for him. Control Z often shows how money allows people like Raul to get away with crimes because they use their wealth to buy their way out of trouble. They also exploit the poor. 

In the first episode of Control Z Season 3, Sofia notes Raul’s watch collection. We see him use it a few times to pay for favors and services, but we don’t know what happened to many of those watches. We also don’t know what happened to Raul’s money from selling the house. If he really is _allyoursecrets_, he could have used it to pay off Bruno one last time. 

Raul as the first and last owner of _allyoursecrets_ feels fitting for how Control Z began and ended.  

Yankel Stevan and Ana Valeria Becerril in Control Z Season 1

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It All Comes Full Circle 

Everything we’ve ever learned about Raul makes it completely plausible that he once again went to extremes to get Sofia back. In the first season of Control Z, Raul set off on his mission because Sofia said that everyone wore masks. She wanted them to be more honest, more real. Then at the beginning of Control Z Season 3, everyone once again is trying to hide from themselves and their crimes. 

Sofia is the only one who shows remorse for killing Susana. She wants to report it to the police. Raul didn’t just set off to expose his friends' secrets to get Sofia in the first season of Control Z, he also did it because he realized that none of them truly cared about him. They also weren’t good people. Therefore, it makes sense that he wanted to use _allyoursecrets_ once again to force his friends to stop hiding and face the consequences. Raul only truly loved and cared about one thing: Sofia. Therefore, him being exposed as part of the Susana crew doesn’t have as much weight for him because he still gets what he wants; again, Sofia.  

Ana Valeria Becerril, Yankel Stevan, Michael Ronda,Patricio Gallardo, Andres Baida, Samantha Acuna, Ana Sofia Gatica in Control Z

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Was Justice Served?

In many ways, _allyoursecrets_ helped the National School students become better people. Alex (Samantha Acuna) was able to see how her ex-girlfriend/ex-teacher exploited her. Claudia (Ana Sofia Gatica) was able to see the same with her ex-professor/ex-boyfriend. Javi was freed from his father’s debt. Gerry (Patricio Gallardo) was able to come out and found a guardian who loved and accepted him. There were many benefits to no longer keeping secrets. However, some people’s lives were ruined. 

Pablo (Andres Baida) lost his place in flight school, Maria (Fiona Palomo) killed herself, and Sofia’s relationship with her dad was ruined. The _allyoursecrets_ account forced them to confess to their crimes. However, their punishment seemed pretty minor. Javi's dad is the only one who does prison time. This seems somewhat believable, because Javi’s dad tried to cover up a murder. What happened between Susana and the students technically could be considered an accident because no one intentionally pushed her off the roof. It does still seem like they got to live their lives with minimal consequences. 

In terms of the actual Control Z Season 3 ending, Raul and Sofia ending up together makes sense for the show. In the cafe scene, you can see the hurt in Javi’s eyes because he knows it was never going to be him. She was never going to pick him over Raul. She wanted someone who was the human equivalent of an escape room, a.k.a. someone who challenged her. Javi was sweet and kind, but she's addicted to the madness and danger that comes with loving Raul.

Control Z also made sure not to have Sofia be a victim of Raul’s manipulation. It’s implied that she knows he was _allyoursecrets_. Therefore, if she chose to be with him knowing everything, then she isn’t being tricked into their relationship. This gives Control Z a great twist ending that fits how the show embraces the dark and tainted romance. 

Control Z is now one of Netflix’s best thrilling shows because it was intense, fun, unexpected, and true to its twisted characters. I would have loved for the show to continue, but the Control Z Season 3 ending really did an excellent job wrapping up the series, and it’s a new entry for Netflix’s best international shows. If you need more great content with twists, check out these Netflix movies with twist endings.

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