Ozark: 5 Questions We Have Ahead Of Season 4 - Part 2

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Ozark returned to Netflix for the first part of Season 4 in January, and picked up the Byrde family’s story after that disturbing Season 3 cliffhanger. Season 4 gave its fans a lot of answers about where things are going so far, but with more episodes to come later in 2022 with Season 4, Part 2, there are still things to be answered before the finale

There are a lot of big questions following the first half of Season 4, especially given that the situation has changed almost completely from what it’s been in Seasons 1 through 3. Let’s break down some of the major moments towards the end of the season and the questions we’re asking ahead of Season 4, Part 2. 

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Will Marty And Wendy Actually Kill Ruth? 

Just when it seemed the Byrde family had finally found a way out of the business, Ruth Langmore (played by the amazing Julia Garner) showed up and put the whole thing in jeopardy. Ruth was distraught after she found out her cousin Wyatt was murdered (along with Darlene Snell) and had a feeling the Byrde family knew who killed her family. Her instincts were on point, and while Wendy tried to play coy, the rebellious Jonah decided to spill the beans and reveal the killer was likely Javi Elizonndro, Omar Navarro’s nephew. 

Marty and Wendy begged Ruth not to make a move against Javi, and for good reason. Javi is a key piece in the deal the Byrdes made with the FBI, which ensures Omar Navarro gets out of prison in a couple of short years. If Javi dies, the deal is off, and Navarro already promised he’d kill Marty and Wendy if he’s stuck in prison. There’s also no guarantee the FBI wouldn’t prosecute the Byrdes and remove their immunity, so the stakes are high. If there’s any chance of Ruth killing Javi, I’d have to think the Ozark couple came too far to let one person get in the way of their freedom. Ruth did say they’d have to kill her to stop her, which felt like some grim foreshadowing. 

Marty and Wendy in Ozark

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Are Marty And Wendy Going To Stay Together? 

A lot of Ozark Season 4 rehashed Marty and Wendy’s relationship, and for those that don’t remember, it wasn’t that great. Wendy cheated on Marty before their move from Chicago, and throughout most of the series, the two are on completely different wavelengths. Season 4 seemed to be particularly bad thus far, as Marty looked flat-out astonished at some of the moves Wendy made against others and even their own son Jonah. It all culminated in a scene in which the two seemed to make a promise they’d be apart once they were officially in the clear, but will that actually hold? 

Not even an episode later, Marty and Wendy had a quiet moment in the bedroom where they said they loved each other. Was the promise to split just the result of stress and a bad argument between the two? I’m not so sure that’s the case and think there are about a dozen more things that can happen before the Netflix series ends that results in the two splitting. Of course, I’m also assuming the two will survive the series to officially dissolve their marriage, which doesn’t seem guaranteed at all.

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Are The Byrdes Really Done With The FBI? 

Omar Navarro didn’t trust the FBI, and ultimately, he was right not to. The organization abandoned its deal with the drug lord the moment it seemed they wouldn’t benefit from it, though Wendy was ultimately able to bring them back to the table. As far as the FBI is concerned, the Byrde family is free to live their lives, but if they found out Javi is out and about killing people in America, it’s hard to imagine they’d let that continue for too long. The Byrde family may be called upon to bring Javi in or do some other sort of favor for the FBI. 

With that said, the Byrdes really only had a relationship with Agent Maya, who ultimately betrayed the FBI by using local police forces to bring Omar Navarro to justice. It might be the Byrdes don’t hear from the FBI at all. Maya, on the other hand, will almost certainly have to face some sort of repercussions, and not just from the FBI. I can imagine Navarro isn’t happy about spending time in jail, period, and he could make a move against Maya as retaliation for her going rogue and getting him arrested anyway. 

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When Did The Car Flip Happen? 

Ozark Season 4 opened up with the Byrdes in what looks to be a serious car accident, and it wasn’t clear if anyone was ok or not. Unfortunately for curious minds, the scene (which is presumably a flash-forward) never showed again throughout the rest of Season 4, Part 1. So, when exactly does this car accident happen, and what does it mean for the family? 

Knowing when the crash happened is important, mainly because it could reveal what happens to the Byrde family. Say this is the final scene of the series, then it’s possible the family went through all that just to die in an unfortunate car accident when they seemed to be in the clear. There’s also a possibility the family was intentionally driven off the road, and there’s more to come after that moment, though nothing right now seems like it was anything more than a random accident. We’ll just have to see!

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Will The Byrde Family Survive The End Of The Series?

A lot of people have died in Ozark, but somehow, the Byrde family is still alive. That’s pretty impressive considering all the targets they have on their backs, but I think that run of luck will catch up with them before the series is up. I feel like at least one person in this family will die before the season is up, assuming they don’t all die in that flash-forward car accident. 

Right now, my major pick to die is Charlotte. Javi seems to have a weird obsession with the Byrde’s daughter, and he’s already shown he’s not the most stable person around. I could also see Wendy ending up in the crosshairs of some powerful people, especially since she doesn’t seem content to let go of her power even if the family is free from harm. Really, though, everyone is fair game this season for all the things they’ve been a part of, and just like the trailer said, no one gets out clean

Ozark Season 4 Part 2 will arrive on Netflix sometime before the end of 2022. It’s just one of many Netflix shows worth checking out, so why not hop on sometime soon and see what’s available?

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