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Netflix's New Ozark Season 4 Trailer Reveals The Possible Solution To The Byrde Family's Problems

Jason Bateman in Ozark
(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix dropped a new trailer for Part One of Ozark’s fourth and final season, and it contains something I never thought I’d see in this series. Marty Byrde and his family might actually have a way out of their money-laundering operation for the Navarro cartel, and that exit comes from the most unlikely of places. 

Ozark Season 4 will give Marty the freedom he’s sought for his family, and it’s seemingly all thanks to Omar Navarro? In this tense trailer, Navarro tells Marty that he’s willing to turn himself in to the FBI but that he has certain demands. If Marty and Wendy can use their influence to help him, he’ll free their family of all their obligations to the drug cartel. Check out the offer in the trailer and see how it all may go sideways:

Marty, Wendy, Charlotte, and Jonah have a way out of trouble, at least with the cartel. Maya Miller didn’t seem too confident the FBI was willing to give Omar Navarro the deal he’d want, though we see her on a plane across from him later in the trailer. Plus, Omar cutting a deal doesn’t necessarily mean Marty and Wendy don’t answer for their various crimes, assuming the FBI has definitive evidence of their involvement. Remember, Marty’s very good at covering up the laundering, so it’s possible they’re safe in that regard. 

I want to believe that Ozark Season 4 will finally see the Byrdes out on top, but I just know that would be too good to be true. Sure enough, Darlene Snell is already unwilling to play ball and won’t cease her heroin operation even with a direct threat from the cartel. That’s not too off-brand for Darlene, but what’s surprising is how calm Ruth seems about her new boss brazenly brushing off the threat. Ruth is well-aware of what the cartel is capable of and is smart enough to know not to mess with them. Is she just too blinded by her hatred of Marty to clearly think through the situation? 

Ozark's latest Season 4 trailer features the phrase “No one gets out clean,” which should be a big clue that things won’t go according to plan. I guess fans can also assume that by the fact that the trailer directly described how the Byrdes could get out of this situation, which seems like a big clue the plan won’t work. Regardless of how that shakes out, I know I’m pulling for a happy ending for at least Charlotte and Jonah. They shouldn’t have to die because of their parents' actions, and while I still like Marty and Wendy, it’s hard to argue they didn’t have it coming. 

Other notable moments from the trailer include missing person signs for Wendy’s brother Ben and the revelation that Jonah is laundering money. It’s probably not a great idea for Jonah to further embed himself in criminal activities at this stage in the series, but hey, it’s on-brand for rebellious teens. Let’s just hope that his potential ties with Ruth don’t also get him entangled in any response the Navarro cartel takes against Darlene Snell.

The first part of Ozark Season 4 streams on Netflix beginning Friday, January 21. I can’t wait to see how this adventure ends and whether or not the Byrdes will actually get out of this mess with their lives. 

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