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Stephen King And Manifest’s Creator Have Great Exchange Over 'Game' That Could Be Played When The Series Finally Returns

Josh Dallas and the cast of Manifest
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NBC-turned-Netflix series Manifest is in the midst of filming its fourth and final season following a massive summer campaign to get the show renewed last year. Among those supporting the show was superfan and legendary author Stephen King. King recently had a great exchange with creator and showrunner Jeff Rake, which may have implied a new "game" could take place when the show returns.

Stephen King took to Twitter to ask some questions about Manifest, such how many times a character will say either “trust me” or “it’s complicated.” Since those two sayings, along with “It’s all connected” are spoken quite a lot on the missing plane drama, Jeff Rake didn’t necessarily answer with a number but instead, is all in for a drinking game related to the count:

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While Stephen King seems to have unintentionally birthed a new drinking game, he likely will not be participating should it move forward. The author and poet is 33 years sober and opened up about the experience for BBC Radio 4’s The Archbishop Interviews series, via Metro. The celebrated writer explained that his family staged an intervention for him in the late '80s and that he's been sober ever since. Last year, he even shared encouraging words with Midnight Mass creator Mike Flanagan, who celebrated three years of sobriety

Perhaps the author can find an alternative to the game or even drink something else. Or rather, if he really wants to know how many times “trust me” is uttered on Manifest, he can tally it up himself. To be honest, I also wonder about the frequency of these terms. I also can't even imagine how many times “It’s all connected” or “828” have been said of the show's run.

This actually isn't the only series the Shining writer has advocated for. Late last year, after FX cancelled Y: The Last Man, he shared his support once again and took to social media in an attempt to help get it saved. Unfortunately, the series was not successful, so it looks like the author will have to stick with Flight 828.

As Stephen King poses questions and shows love on social media, Jeff Rake has been dropping teases and first looks at the upcoming fourth season. Last month, he shared a behind-the-scenes photo of a funeral, with the caption “Brace yourselves.” Obviously, it’s unclear who the service is for, but the best guess would be Grace’, who died in the final minutes of Season 3 after getting stabbed by Angelina. Though knowing this show, we could be in for a surprise.

Since drinking games associated with some shows and movies nowadays, it wouldn’t be surprising if Manifest were to get one as well. It could definitely be a nice way for viewers to bond. And if drinking isn’t for you, you can always find other ways to enjoy episodes of the fan-favorite drama.

All three seasons of Manifest can be streamed with a Netflix subscription, and be sure to check out CinemaBlend's 2022 TV Schedule for info on what's coming to your screens this year.

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