After Peacemaker's Major Death Scene, James Gunn And The Cast Open Up About Losing That Character

Major spoilers for the latest episode of Peacemaker, “Stop Dragon My Heart Around” lie ahead, so proceed with caution.

After weeks of delighting audiences with massive action, sweet tunes and genuine heart, Peacemaker is set to air its season finale later this week. The capper is sure to be wild, but fans are likely still recovering from the emotionally draining penultimate episode. One reason it was so bittersweet is that it featured the demise of a key character, which will have major ramifications for the titular character and his allies. Series creator James Gunn and one of the show’s cast members have now opened up about the major loss. 

It was Chukwudi Iwuji’s Clemson Murn who was killed in the latest episode of Peacemaker. The former mercenary, who was revealed to be a Butterfly, was murdered when his fellow extraterrestrials, who’ve posssessed the local police forces, raided his apartment. It was a sad moment, to say the least, but one that James Gunn seems to stand by (like Rick Flagg’s death). During his weekly watch party with fans, the writer, director and producer took to Twitter to reflect on the development and how he felt about losing Iwuji:

Chukwudi Iwuji who plays #Murn has become a very close friend over the making of the show. I wrote the script before we had met. I am so so freaking sad by what happened. Fortunately he’s a big part of #GotGVol3 - but still.

Of course, within the show, the actual characters also had to deal with the loss of their field leader. Jennifer Holland’s Emilia Harcourt, in a particularly heartbreaking moment, held Murn’s Butterfly body and touched his hand mere moments before he passed on. Holland recently reflected on shooting the tear-jerking scene and marking the end of her co-star’s run on the show: 

It’s such a great scene. They did such a great job with the animation of Murn’s Butterfly reaching out to my hand, but I hated shooting that scene because I didn’t want to say goodbye! I want Chuck [Chukwudi Iwuji] to be a part of the series, if it ever goes on to be anything more, because even as a viewer I love watching him. He is such an incredible actor, so I’m sad to see Murn go.

The actress’ comments to TV Line surely line up with the feelings that many fans have. While Murn was introduced as a cold and calculating strategist, he soon proved to be a layered individual with a tragic backstory. The character is written well, but it’s Chukwudi Iwuji’s understated performance that really propels the role. It’s no wonder James Gunn brought him into Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (and as a major, ass-kicking character at that.)

The prospect of seeing the star in the Marvel film is exciting to think about, but there’s still the matter of the Peacemaker season finale. The team, with Harcourt now at the helm, is preparing for their final battle with the Butterflies and their “cow.” The stakes have never been higher for Christopher Smith and, when it’s all said and done, there’s sure to be plenty of blood. Let’s hope that Murn didn’t die in vain. 

Catch the Peacemaker season finale this Thursday, February 17, with the use of an HBO Max subscription. While you’re at it, head on over to CinemaBlend’s 2022 TV schedule for more on what’s coming to the small screen this year.

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