Robert Pattinson Recalls The Sweat And Nipples Auditioning For The Batman In George Clooney

Robert Pattinson suited up as Batman
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It feels like only yesterday that Robert Pattinson was Forks’ friendly vampire in the Twilight franchise, but over a decade has passed. Now, Pattinson is the newest actor to take up the mantle (cowl?) one of DC Comics' greatest characters and, apparently, he wore another Caped Crusader suit fans will recognize. The star of The Batman has now opened up about auditioning for the upcoming film in George Clooney’s classic suit, and it doesn't sound like the experience was much fun at all.

Robert Pattinson described what it was like auditioning for the iconic role, during a recent interview with GQ. Apparently, it wasn’t only nerves that he had to go to battle with but also some serious sweat while wearing George Clooney’s old costume. Here’s what the actor said, exactly:

Because, I had done the audition in I think it was George Clooney’s one and it was incredibly difficult to move in. You had to choose the suit by the size of your head and I think my head was about the closest to Clooney’s head. It’s locked [your head] and you’re boiling hot. Like absolutely boiling. If you have any lights on you, you’re just pouring sweat. You’re also doing an audition, so I’m kind of terrified anyway. People are saying, ‘What can we do about this sweat?’ You’re thinking, Like if I don’t stop sweating, you’re not going to get the part.’ So, you’re trying to shut down your body a little bit.

If things were as sweaty in the audition as the actor describes, I’d have hated to have been in George Clooney’s shoes and filmed an entire movie in the getup. His short stint as the Dark Knight ended well over 20 years ago, though, and I would hope that some ventilation or a cooling effect would have been added to the more recent Batman suits. 

Speaking of George Clooney’s iconic suit, how about those nipples? Apparently, they certainly didn’t escape Robert Pattinson’s notice because, in the same interview, he identified the suit he wore for the audition as the one with “more prominent nipples”. Here it is in his own words:

It is the one [with nipples]. But then I keep getting confused. I think there might be two nipple suits. One has more prominent nipples. I think the Val Kilmer suit, there might be some nipples as well.

While I’m not really sure why suit needed rubber nipples, George Clooney’s suit is probably most recognized by the “prominent” features. I feel like at this point they’ve probably got their own fanbase, which Robert Pattinson seems to be a part of himself, as the actor seems to be keen on the past suits and is familiar with the previous cinematic versions of Batman

As for Robert Pattinson’s own Batman suit, it doesn’t appear to have any nipples, based on what fans have seen so far. While his version of Batman shares some similarities with other renditions of the character, it sounds like Pattinson is putting his own spin on the beloved superhero. (Or his he more of an antihero, really?)

The costumes (for several characters) are apparently pretty intense, so it totally makes sense that Robert Pattinson would have to work with one from the jump during his audition. Let's hope the film shoot was more comfortable for him than that initial audition.

The Batman hits theaters on March 4th. If you’re still not comfortable venturing out, though, you’ll be able to stream it, after its 45-day theatrical window, with an HBO subscription.

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