Keanu Reeves Jokes About Begging For Constantine 2 From DC

Keanu Reeves in Constantine
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Last September, DC fans were delivered some pretty crazy news. It came to light that  Warner Bros. and DC Studios are presently developing a Constantine 2 – a direct sequel to the John Constantine movie starring Keanu Reeves that was released back in 2005. It seemed a bit random at the time that a follow-up project would be announced as in the works 17 years after the original, but apparently it wasn't just something that "happened": Reeves spent years and years trying to get the film a green light, and he finally got the job done this past fall.

The most recent issue of Total Film (via Slash Film) features an interview with Keanu Reeves, and during the conversation the much-loved actor was asked if he has "unfinished business" with the role of John Constantine. He explained that probably isn't the best way to put it, and his push to get Constantine 2 into development was more about his appreciation for the character. Said Reeves,

I don't know if it was unfinished business but it was definitely a role that I loved. And I thought that Francis Lawrence, the director, did such amazing work. I loved playing that character, and I really enjoyed the film. I was like, [adopts Oliver Twist voice] 'Can I please have some more?... I kept asking almost every year. I'd be like, 'Can I please?' [and] they'd be like, 'No, no!'

Now, after years of "No" and a regime change behind the scenes at DC Studios, Keanu Reeves is apparently getting his wish fulfilled.

Constantine, directed by Francis Lawrence (best known for his contributions to the Hunger Games franchise), tells the story of the eponymous character, who is a warlock and occult detective who specializes in the dispensing of demons. The film got what could be called a middling response from professional critics, and it earned some disdain from die-hard fans for making standout changes from the source material (including changing the character's hair color and country of origin), but it was a hit. Before the movie was done playing in theaters worldwide, it earned $230.9 million and was ultimately deemed the fifteenth biggest release of the year.

The blockbuster has earned a sizable following in the years since it hit the big screen. Other versions of John Constantine have become prominent in pop culture (Matt Ryan played the character in the Arrowverse and Jenna Coleman portrays a gender-bent version in Netflix's The Sandman), but many continue to associate the role with Keanu Reeves.

Now it seems that love is being capitalized on by DC Studios, and Keanu Reeves is clearly happy it's happening. In the months since Constantine 2 was announced as being in the works, Francis Lawrence has spoken about making the film as a better reflection of its source material, and it sounds like the dark adventure is going to be aiming at an R-rating.

If you're now feeling hyped and want to give Constantine starring Keanu Reeves a first/another watch, the film is very easy to find online – all you need is an HBO Max subscription. Happy watching and stay tuned for more updates about Constantine 2 here on CinemaBlend.

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