How Daredevil's Charlie Cox Wants The Hero's Costume To Change In The MCU

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After several years of questioning just what the future will hold for characters like Daredevil in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we now have at least part of the answer. Charlie Cox, who played the role in three seasons of the Netflix series is Daredevil once again and between the fact that he appeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home and that the original series is making its way to Disney+, it seems likely we will be seeing more of Daredevil sooner rather than later. 

While we still don’t know for sure if the Netflix series, that are no longer on Netflix, will remain canon or not, Charlie Cox has some thoughts on what he’d like to see out of the “new” Daredevil. He tells that he would like to see a more comic-accurate version of the costume, that includes the classic double-D logo, and thinks it can tie into the character’s journey. Cox explains…

What I would say is I've always liked the idea that at some point in Matt's journey, his emotional journey, and again, I don't know how everything is happening, or what might happen, and how it ties into what we've already done, I have no idea at all. But I've always liked the idea that at some point he feels like he has earned the right to have the DD [on his chest, which we've never had. And one day down the line, I like the idea that he just makes that decision; we get to witness that evolution on screen. That's just a little idea that I've had that I thought would be quite cool.

While the Daredevil series ran for three seasons, plus the Defenders crossover, Charlie Cox only wore the "super hero" costume for about half that period. He wore simple black clothes for nearly all of Season 1 before getting the suit. It was then destroyed when Matt Murdock almost died in Defenders and he went back to the simple dark clothes for Season 3 of Daredevil.

One of the interesting things about Matt Murdock in the series is that, to a certain extent, he doesn’t actually like being Daredevil. He feels like it’s a calling he must answer, but he sees it more as an obligation. And he doesn’t see himself as a hero. One can certainly see a story arc that follows Murdoch as he finally embraces the idea that he is a hero, and transitioning to the traditional costume as a way to show that.

But whether or not that even works depends on just who this version of Daredevil even is. While we’ve now seen both Daredevil and Kingpin appear in the MCU once again, it’s unclear whether these are the same characters from those shows or entirely new versions that just happen to be played by the same actors. Have the events we’ve seen before happened to these characters. Will they be picking up from there if and when we see them again, or are we essentially starting over?

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