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Nicolas Cage Reveals Funny Reason Why Ghost Rider Made Him Stop Wanting To Work Out As Hard

Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider
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When it comes to starring in a superhero film, there’s one thing actors are surely aware of when signing on – they’re going to have to get in serious shape. It’s just something that’s pretty much a given with such a project, and this was something Nicolas Cage was conscious of when signing on for Ghost Rider years ago. The Oscar-winning actor was successful in building an impressive physique, too. However, it seems the Marvel Comics adaptation has now dissuaded him from wanting to work out so hard, and there’s a funny reason for it. 

Something that made Nic Cage’s role in Ghost Rider unique from many other actors’ work within the superhero genre is that his hero look was largely created with visual effects. This was crucial in order to create the flaming skull head the Spirit of Vengeance is known for having. Viewers were more than aware that CGI was used for the character in that respect. But as Cage recently explained in an interview with GQ, moviegoers apparently thought special effects were used to alter his abs as well, leading him to forsake those long hours in the gym:

They are real, and that's why I'll never work out that hard again. Because nobody wanted to believe they were real and they wanted to believe it was CGI, which it wasn't so what's the point?

I’m not going to lie, I’d be feeling some kind of way, too, if I made the effort to work out hard and fans merely believed my body had been digitally enhanced. Also, should we even be surprised that the star did so much physical prep for the role? He always seems to give his all to a project, and many would probably agree that Nicolas Cage never phones in roles in any respect. The feedback aimed at his abs was probably surprising at the time though, at the very least, the star can certainly see the humor in this superhero-related situation now.

The Pig star has taken on a number of memorable roles over the course of his decades-long career, but his performance as Marvel’s Johnny Blaze is still a standout for fans. The performer has frequently reflected on his time with the comic book franchise, sharing tidbits about his experiences making the original 2007 movie and its 2011 sequel. He’s also been candid about how the Ghost Rider films could’ve been better, with one of his biggest criticisms being that the movies should’ve had R-ratings

In the years since those two installments were released, the rights to the supernatural marauder have shifted to Marvel Studios, though it’s unclear if there are plans to integrate Bonehead into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If the company is aiming to do something though, it won’t have a hard time attracting talent, as The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus is really interested in playing the lead role.

Amid the Ghost Rider speculation, Nic Cage is currently working on bringing another creepy character to life. Cage is playing Dracula in Renfield and sporting a pretty wild look to portray the iconic vampire. I’d wager that the star won’t have to show any abs in that flick and, if that is indeed the case, he’s likely more than pleased that he didn’t have to do too much work in the gym.

Renfield doesn’t hit theaters until 2023, but Nicolas Cage does have some 2022 movie releases to get excited about. You can also stream the two Ghost Rider films with a Hulu subscription.

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