Peacemaker: 8 Big Questions We Have As We Wait For Season 2

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SPOILER WARNING: If you have not seen the Peacemaker Season 1 finale, you might want to proceed with caution before you read on because we cover nearly everything that happens.

On the day before its season finale dropped on HBO Max, Peacemaker was officially renewed for a second season. This is really good news for a couple of reasons - one being that creator James Gunn’s John Cena-led The Suicide Squad spin-off was a wonderfully inventive and hilariously edgy addition to the DCEU. 

The second reason is that, amid its explosive resolutions and fascinating reveals, the Season 1 ending left us with just as many things to ponder over. The following is a collection of all the things that we hope to see resolved in Peacemaker Season 2, starting with the basics.

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What Could Task Force X’s Next Mission Be? 

The premiere season of Peacemaker saw John Cena’s titular, morally questionable anti-hero from 2021’s The Suicide Squad recruited onto a new iteration of Task Force X to assist with Operation Butterfly. Now that that mission is in the bag (for better or worse), what might the remaining members of the crew be taking on next?

Considering the parasitic alien race known as Butterflies were James Gunn’s invention, could the plot of Season 2 take more direct inspiration from the comics? Perhaps it will be more of a direct continuation of what took place in the first season that sees the Peacemaker cast dealing with the consequences of their actions. If it's the latter, that would ensure the return of one key character.

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Will Adebayo Return For More Action? 

Leota Adabayo (former Orange is the New Black cast member Danielle Brooks) spent much of Peacemaker Season 1 wishing she had not taken the offer to join Task Force X. However, by the finale, she really came to discover her own courage and her worth as a hero, but does that mean protecting is still the right path for her?

Her official reunion with her wife, Keeya (Elizabeth Faith Ludlow), and her dogs, is one of the most heartwarming moments of the finale and I would be satisfied if that was the end of her arc. However, I highly doubt Brooks won’t be a part of Season 2 in some way, especially after her extremely bold move.

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What Will Happen To Amanda Waller Following Adebayo’s Confession?

Before reuniting with her family, Adabayo decides to hold a press conference to blow the whistle on A.R.G.U.S. She reveals everything about Operation Butterfly, the existence of Task Force X (specifically the iteration consisting of supervillains), and the involvement of Amanda Waller (Academy Award winner Viola Davis), whom she is also sure to mention is her mother.

Well, Mommy ain’t too happy about this news, as her expletive-laced reaction to the live broadcast makes clear, since she knows that this could mean the end of her career, not to mention the end of A.R.G.U.S., and even of the Suicide Squad as we know it. The effects that this moment will likely have on the DCEU as a whole are potentially huge.

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Is There Romance Blossoming Between Peacemaker And Harcourt?

Another heartwarming moment from the Peacemaker finale is when the title character (real name is Christopher Smith) visits a bed-ridden Emilia Harcourt (Jennifer Holland), having barely survived the final stage of their mission. Upon waking up, she mentions that she heard he had spent days at the hospital waiting to make sure she was OK before reaching out to touch his hand.

At the beginning of the season, Harcourt made it abundantly clear she had no intention of being friends with Chris until signs of the contrary slowly began to materialize in later episodes. Could this warm embrace in the finale be a sign that she could want to be even more than just friends?

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Have We Seen The Last Of The Butterflies’ Vow?

Speaking of becoming friends, the final moment of the Peacemaker finale also hints that there might not be any hard feelings between Chris and a Butterfly called “Goff.” The alien - in its natural, winged form - pays a visit to Chris, who offers the bug some leftover Cow goop.

While this appears to be yet another sweet moment, I am actually a bit concerned by it. I mean, with Goff still around, there really is no telling how many other Butterflies could still be alive, posing as humans in hopes to ensure their mission to “save humanity” is still honored. Plus, what if Goff does end up becoming Peacemaker’s friend, but only as a means to conspire revenge?

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Will Judomaster Seek Revenge?

Speaking of revenge, if Goff was out to get back at Peacemaker and the other surviving members of Task Force X, they would not be alone. The Butterflies had a human ally in Judomaster (Nhut Le), who bursts into tears after witnessing the deadly aftermath of the attack on the alien race and the Cow.

As someone who unquestionably lives up to his name, you definitely do not want to get on Judomaster’s bad side and Task Force X was pretty much already there when they first became acquainted with him. His emotional response to the Butterflies’ supposed near-extinction means that Peacemaker and co. just made things personal and I would recommend they keep watch for any unwanted visitors.

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Will Auggie Smith Continue To Haunt Peacemaker’s Mind?

Speaking of unwanted visitors, the Peacemaker finale also sees the return of Robert Patrick as August Smith as Peacemaker’s hallucination. He had previously suffered the least saddening death of Episode 7 (with Chukwudi Iwuji’s Clemson Murn being the saddest) at the hands of his own son.

The sight of the hallucinatory image of Auggie making himself comfortable on his son’s porch seems to hint that he might be returning for Peacemaker Season 2 from beyond the grave. I hate to see Chris continue to be haunted by the memory of his unbelievably despicable father, but it will be fun to see more of the Terminator 2 star (who also played the villain in John Cena’s action movie debut, The Marine, in 2006).

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Will There Be More DCEU Character Cameos?

The ultimate cherry that tops the Peacemaker finale (depending on who you ask) is the cameo by Jason Momoa as Aquaman and Ezra Miller’s Flash. I, personally, found this surprise appearance by some Justice League favorites to be really fun and it makes me hopeful that more regulars from the DCEU show up in the next season.

Maybe Chris will seek a rematch with Idris Elba’s Bloodsport after losing their shootout at the end of The Suicide Squad or we could find out what Weasel has been up to since surviving the onslaught on Corto Maltese. Or, perhaps, we could actually see Gal Gadot and Henry Cavill show up as Wonder Woman and Superman instead of their silent silhouettes this time?

I also hope that we have not seen the last of Vigilante, a wildly different and hilarious interpretation of the DC Comics character played brilliantly by British actor Freddie Stroma. I would like to see a deeper look into his origin and how he became the goofy sociopath he is… as well as more montages of him and Peacemaker destroying household appliances. 

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