The Flash’s Rick Cosnett Changed His Look To Return For Season 8

Rick Cosnett as Eddie Thawne in The Flash
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Season 8 of The CW's The Flash is set to premiere in November and will kick off with a big five-episode crossover event. Multiple Arrowverse favorites appearing, and there will also be a few other surprise returns from the likes of Damian Dahrk and Eobard Thawne. However, they aren’t the only ones fans will recognize. Rick Cosnett recently announced that he will indeed be coming back to the superhero series, and he'll have a new look.

The actor portrayed Eddie Thawne, Joe West’s partner and Iris’ boyfriend, on Season 1 of the show. He ultimately sacrificed himself towards the season’s end to stop Reverse-Flash, getting sucked into a wormhole due to Eobard’s machinations. Rick Cosnett recently teased a special announcement on Instagram relating to The Flash, and the actor let his hair down:

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There have been plenty of rumors and theories regarding the idea of Rick Cosnett returning to The Flash, despite his untimely death early in the series. And thankfully, the actor confirmed that he is in the upcoming new season of the CW show. And he even switched out his long locks for a shorter cut:

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It’s hard to say who Rick Cosnett could be playing. It’s unlikely he’ll be reprising his Eddie Thawne given his fate, though he definitely wouldn’t be the first character on The Flash to come back from the dead. Some have been speculating he’s playing a new villain, but it’s also possible he could play an Eddie from another Earth who survived the merging of the multiverses.

If the actor does return as Eddie, how will Team Flash respond, especially Iris and Joe? It’s certainly not something that either would expect and, given their history with the character, it would probably be emotional for both of them. I personally wouldn't be surprised if the producers are bringing the star back as a variation of his old character, which could be very interesting. 

The five-episode crossover event is called “Armageddon” and has Team Flash calling in reinforcements in the midst of yet another alien threat to earth. The aforementioned Arrowverse heroes that fans are set to see hail from both ongoing shows and those that have ended. Mia Smoak, Jefferson Pierce, Ryan Wilder and Alex Danvers are among those that will join forces with Barry Allen and his allies. Whether or not Rick Cosnett will appear in multiple episodes remains to be seen but, hopefully, we’ll know soon! Fans were definitely heartbroken when Eddie died in the first season and, although he’s appeared as a ghost and through flashbacks in subsequent seasons, this could mark first time he’s actually made a flesh and blood, present-day appearance.

The Flash's “Armageddon” crossover event will kick off on Tuesday, November 16 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW and will be followed by the start of Riverdale’s own five-episode saga, “Rivervale.” And be sure to check out our fall 2021 TV schedule for more on other returning shows.

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