Arrow Season 4 is still a little over a month from premiering, but fortunately we now have some footage to chew on. Series star Stephen Amell posted the official Season 4 trailer, which follows up on Team Arrow months after the Season 3 finale and introduces the new players, both good and evil, who will be involved with this year’s events in Star City and beyond. If you haven’t watched it already, you’d be wise to do so. Go ahead, we’ll wait…

There was a lot to take in from the nearly two minute preview, but as it typically the case, certain parts stood out over others. We’ve gone ahead and picked the 10 greatest moments the trailer had to offer for Arrow fans, whether they were action-packed, possible foreshadowings or showed people that we’ve been eagerly anticipating.

Thea, A.K.A. Speedy
Thea, A.K.A. Speedy
Thea became a full-fledged superhero in the Season 3 finale when she put on Roy Harper’s costume and became Speedy. When Season 4 kicks off, she’ll be a key member of Team Arrow and fighting Star City’s criminal scum. Unfortunately, it looks like she’s dealing with some latent side-effects from her Lazarus Pit revival.

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