Big changes are coming for Arrow Season 4, especially for main protagonist Oliver Queen. When he’s fighting new bad guys and delving into strange phenomena later this year, he won’t be doing it as The Hood/Arrow. After three seasons, he is finally embracing his comic book roots and becoming Green Arrow. Whether you’re a comic book fan who is happy that he’s finally using a comic book identity or a regular viewer who doesn’t quite know what to make of it, this is by far the biggest adjustment to Oliver’s crimefighting identity in the three years Arrow has been on the air.

Although a name change might not sound like it means that much, there will be noticeable changes when Oliver becomes the Green Arrow in the Season 4 premiere, from the name change itself to adjustments in his attitude. Here are the most new things fans will see regarding Oliver as a result of Green Arrow hitting the scene when Arrow returns in the fall.

Brand New Name
Brand New Name
It’s obvious, but yes, the ‘Green’ added to Oliver’s crimefighting identity will make a difference. After going by The Hood/Arrow for over two seasons, Oliver’s vigilante life was exposed to the public in the Season 3 episode “Public Enemy” after Ra’s al Ghul clued Quentin Lance in on what Oliver does in his spare time. For a whole day, everyone in Starling City (now Star City) knew that Oliver was The Arrow, and a manhunt was issued for him. Eventually Oliver decided to give himself up, but while he was being transported to prison, Roy decided to take the fall and unmask himself as The Arrow in front of a large crowd. Add in Roy’s faked death, and almost everyone in the city now thinks that the vigilante is dead. In order to keep operating, this is why Oliver is now Green Arrow. However, it’s going to take more than a simple name change to make sure people don’t learn his secret identity, but we’ll explore that later.

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