Fox’s Gotham has done a serviceable job of stretching out the central Batman mythology to give audiences a history lesson in the most dangerous fictional city on the planet. Color me crazy, but I’m far more interested in delving deeper into the more human and relatively humane stories of the “good guys” in this situation – Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) – but the bulk of Gotham’s set-up takes advantage of the revolving door of DC villains to make the cops’ lives horrible. The central bad guys have largely been major rogues’ gallery players, but the procedural approach is going to tap the well dry sooner rather than later.

A recent extended episode order means we’re getting more Gotham, which means more bad guys’ foolishly concocted plans will come to light. And while we’re fine with Harvey Dent and his prophetic coin coming into this, here are ten villains from Batman’s history that we hope stay gloriously absent from Gotham’s underworld, no matter how desperate the writers get. Let’s save some of these guys for Chris O’Donnell’s Robin to take care of in a web series somewhere.

If Luc Besson’s Lucy re-taught us anything this year, it’s that writers are never as smart as the super-genius characters they’re writing for. So it’s clearer than the surface area of Vincent Price’s bald head that the criminal mastermind Egghead would sound like a goddamned moron if he were ever properly inserted into the world of Gotham. He would almost certainly be conceived as that same Limitless kind of brainiac, only insane and harboring a certain affinity for all things egg-related. (Perhaps he’d be an eggs-istentialist?) Egghead was pretty weird, but not so weird that it’s impossible to think he’d get crammed into Fox’s version of Gotham City. No one should ever follow in Vincent Price’s footsteps for a live-action role, though, even one as silly as this. And no one should ever hatch a plan where it could happen. Now let’s allow this concept to egg-xit our minds before moving on.

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