This weekend, the world of television fighting will once again rise to an apex of excitement. No, I’m not talking about the UFC or the WWE. I’m somewhat sarcastically talking about BattleBots, which will return for a sixth season after 13 years of being off the air. So it seems only natural that we forego our work duties and family lives to fill our brains with fantasies of other TV robots duking it out in the squared arena.

As such, here are 10 much-loved robots from TV’s past and present, as ranked by how well they would do in a fight. These obviously don’t represent the entirety of the fictional bot-dom, as I tried to limit the choices to beings that would make sense in a BattleBots match scenario. So you won’t find massive characters like Voltron, any Transformers, Megazord or Mecha-Streisand on here. Maybe that list will come later, when one of the BattleBots is built with an enlarger ray and it blasts everything around it and oh my God, we have to get out of here!! But for now, please enjoy.

pee wee’s playhouse
10. Conky 2000 (Pee-Wee’s Playhouse)
Special Skill: Secret Words

Conky 2000 is a great friend to have, since he’s always ready to assist you. (Well, mostly Pee-Wee, but we can rig him in some way.) He’s not known for his fisticuffs, but it’s entirely possible that part of his makeshift body is equipped with blades and/or explosives. If the secret word is “Run,” opponents would be wise to do just that, or they’ll be screaming where they stand. Of course, if they happen to trip over his cord while running, ripping it from the wall, that would put an end to the fight right quick.

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