There’s nothing I love more than turning on the television and trying to solve a mystery. Whether it’s an easily-wrapped, hour long case on a show like Bones or a longer, sprawling mystery that slowly unfurls over an entire season, I’m ready and willing to submit my guesses. Hell, I’ll even watch reruns of Columbo where I know the killer ahead of time. Solving crime is my thing, and I love living vicariously through TV’s best detectives.

As such, it only makes sense I’d put together a list of TV’s best crime-solving shows. So, without further ado, here are the 10 best of 2014!

Criminal Minds
10. Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds isn’t the sexiest choice on this list. It’s been around for about a decade, but it still puts up great numbers. More importantly, it still churns out compelling, edge of your seat cases on a weekly basis, all of which are off-putting and creepy. They’re the stuff of nightmares if we’re being honest. And while new addition Jennifer Love Hewitt hasn’t been completely assimilated yet, there’s no reason to think her presence won’t improve the show over the long haul. Expect her to be abducted at some point during a wrap-around season finale and season premiere.

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