2. Flash And Arrow And Firestorm Vs. Reverse-Flash
2. Flash And Arrow And Firestorm Vs. Reverse-Flash
Over the course of the first season, Barry learned how to boost his speed and use his powers in unique ways, but even he knew that Eobard Thawne was too powerful to take on alone. That’s why he brought in reinforcements: Oliver Queen (taking a break from his League of Assassins activities on Arrow) and Firestorm. Together, they worked together to take down the Reverse-Flash; Barry with his super speed, Ronnie with his flame powers and Oliver with his speed-disabling nanite arrows built by Ray Palmer. Although there were moments when Thawne had the upper hand (he nearly cut down Oliver’s projected 86-year lifespan short), teamwork proved triumphant in the end, and they were able to put Barry’s nemesis from the future out of commission. Although it wasn’t the last fight of the season and certainly not the end of Thawne’s grand plan, this showdown was definitely one of the season’s best, not to mention it felt like it just sprung from the pages of a comic book team-up story.

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