When it comes to streaming TV shows, it’s no big secret that Netflix’s original series are widely seen as the cream of the crop, even topping linear TV programming in some ways. But that acclaim is partly due to the fact that streaming is still in its infancy, and it should be known that there are plenty of other top-quality original series online that will likely never make it to your My List.

Here are 11 such shows that provide thrills, laughs and conversation starters, and none of them can be found in Netflix’s library. Get to watching them quickly, since this time next year will likely have even more for you to catch up on, with even more streaming sites popping up every couple of months. First up, Jesse Pinkman joins a cult.

the path
The Path – Hulu
For his first small screen gig after Breaking Bad, actor Aaron Paul likely had the pick of the TV litter, and he nailed it by choosing The Path, a dark drama about the power of organized groups created by Parenthood writer/producer Jessica Goldberg, with her former boss and Friday Night Lights creator Jason Katims executive producing. Paul is superb as the quasi-everyman Eddie, who is caught up between the life that he knows – he’s a higher-ranking member of the Meyerist Movement, a non-cult (yeah right) community that uses The Light and The Ladder as its metaphorical guideposts – and the secret realities that are being hidden behind closed doors. Equally excellent are Michelle Monoghan as Eddie’s more faithful half Sarah and Hugh Dancy as the acting Meyerist leader Cal. It’s a troubling story that brings about questions and different trains of thought than TV shows usually inspire. And thankfully Hulu is giving us another season of it.

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