During the holidays, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself traveling, stuck at a family member’s house or relaxing at home on a day off of work/school. And what better way to spend free time like that than checking out a TV show that you’ve probably been missing for a while? Sure, you could talk to your family or whoever, but none of them were specifically written to entertain you.

Here are 10 shows whose names are probably familiar even though you’ve somehow never gotten around to checking them out. Some are new, some are established, and all of them are criminally underwatched. Take notes.

the knick
The Knick
Cinemax doesn’t often get brought into the conversation about top-quality networks, but the admittedly few original programs that debuted there in the past few years have been awesome. Standing atop it all with a heroin-induced gaze is The Knick, a turn-of-the-century medical drama quite unlike any other hospital show before it. A show partly about the staggeringly bothersome path to advancement in medicine and partly about the goings-on of Clive Owen’s chief surgeon Dr. Thack and the racially-triggered experiences of Dr. Andre Holland – a simplified version of things, to be sure – The Knick is enthralling, gorgeous and downright nasty at times. Plus, it boasts the always intriguing Steven Soderbergh as a director on every episode.

With a few episodes left in Season 2, The Knick airs on Friday nights on Cinemax.

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