Throughout Season 1, Manhattan delivered more surprises and emotional drama than one might have expected from a show about a facsimile of a town working to build The Bomb during World War II. Viewers can expect to find the same dense storytelling and character interactions from Season 2. But before it arrives, here are a few quick reminders of plot points that will be guiding the story in the early part of this season.

Frank is Missing
By the end of the Season 1 finale, Frank Winter’s head was inside of a bag and he sat in the back of a car kicking up dust on its way to Who Knows Where. In “Bond Villain confessing” to Liza everything he was doing in Los Alamos involving the atomic bomb, Frank was also unwittingly cluing Occam and Oppenheimer in to the fact that he couldn’t keep a secret, and so he had to go. But they’re not going to kill him, right? Right, at least not yet. Promos for Season 2 show us that he’s in a prison of some kind, and having seen the first handful of episodes, I think it’s safe to say this angle probably won’t be quite what viewers are expecting. And there’s some tampering with time that helps to keep the momentum going, which also involves Liza coping with his absence and other new changes in her life.

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