TV needs more sci-fi. And while we've probably seen enough remakes and reboots in the world, it seems only fair to acknowledge that sci-fi has some pretty fantastic -- and in some cases, underrated -- feature properties with stories or settings that would be perfect for the small screen.

Not to be confused with Nick's list of 10 classic sci-fi movies that would make for good TV shows, I went with a broader array of films, including a number of modern movies with stories or settings so compelling, they'd be well worth revisiting on the small screen...

The Last Starfighter
Basic movie premise or setting: A frustrated kid from a trailer park is recruited to pilot a spacecraft in an actual space war after he beats the high score on a video game.

Elements to be used for the TV Show: Pretty much everything... with a lot of updates.

Where it should air: Syfy... possibly CW.

How it could work as a TV show: The Last Starfighter's general plot and characters could make for a great TV series, with the right updates. Turn the arcade game into a video game and set the pilot episode up as an introduction to Alex -- the frustrated underdog -- who's the last kid to get into the training academy on a video game scholarship. Center the story on Alex's efforts to defend the Rylan Star League, while also serving as a demonstration that this fizzling starfighter program still works. Incorporate characters from other parts of the a galaxy -- including Centauri, obviously (RIP Robert Preston) and other teens/young adults -- to make this series a true sci-fi adventure. Make room for humor, especially if the series included the android-Alex plot, which would have a robot duplicate of the lead character attempting to blend in back home while Alex is off in space.

A Last Starfighter show could fit in perfectly at Syfy, possibly opening itself up to future spinoffs if the network wanted to branch out. But I wouldn't complain if CW or MTV took a swing at the space genre, as long as they kept it in the realm of sci-fi. And I wouldn't hate it if the show incorporated Craig Safan's excellent score.

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