Warning: Spoilers for The Flash Season 1 finale are ahead! If you have not watched it yet, use your super speed to run to another one of our fine articles.

To say that The Flash Season 1 finale was intense would be an understatement. From Barry Allen traveling back in time for a reunion with his mother to one of the main cast members meeting a tragic end, the show delivered its most high-stakes episode yet, and the adventure isn’t even over! In the final minutes of the show, Barry raced up to the unstable wormhole hovering above Central City to try to neutralize it before it destroys the planet. As the wormhole is sucking everything up, the final shot of the season is Barry heroically diving into its depths. Cut to black. That’s right, we have to wait 4-5 months for Season 2 to learn how all of this gets resolved. Flash writers!!! (*shakes fist*)

Much like the Arrow crew on its Season 4, the creative minds behind The Flash are being vague about what to expect when the show returns in the fall, aside from this particular threat being resolved somehow. Fortunately, enough information has come out over the last several months to paint a picture of what’s coming, like new characters being introduced and more sci-fi insanity to take in. Here are the big changes you should keep your eye on for Season 2.

A More Confident Barry Allen
A More Confident Barry Allen
When The Flash began, Barry Allen was just a normal forensic scientist living a normal life, excluding his escapade in Starling City on Arrow. One particle accelerator explosion and bolt of lightning later, followed by a nine-month coma, he became the Flash, Central City’s super-speedy protector. Over the course of 23 episodes, fans have watched him not only used his speed in unique ways beyond running fast, but also learn the ropes of being a superhero.

Although it will be a long time until the Flash on our TV screens closely resembles the Flash from the comic book pages, series star Grant Gustin hopes that when the show returns, Barry gets to be more cocky and confident with his powers. After a year of crimefighting under his belt, this will certainly work for character development, as Barry has enough experience to start being more bold as a superhero. Obviously he still has much to learn in the long run, but with the show taking a darker turn during Season 1’s final episodes, it will be nice to see the protagonist enjoying being himself again.

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