There aren’t too many characters on The Walking Dead who have been around from the beginning, and one of the few constants over the six seasons of the series so far has been Rick Grimes, who has taken charge as the leader of the survivors. Rick as the leader is the status quo, so it’s usually best to not really question whether or not he’s the right person for the job. Rick is a great guy to have in a bad situation and he’s a compelling character on the show, but he’s not necessarily the greatest guy to have in charge. So, in honor of Rick being put to the test once more on The Walking Dead, here are ten reasons why he’s actually a pretty terrible leader.

Rick impulsive
He’s Way Too Impulsive
Any zombie apocalypse leader is going to need to be willing to take action, and Rick does always does a good job of keeping his eye on the prize. The problem is that keeping his eye on the prize tends to stop him from seeing major deadly obstacles in his path. Considering the amount of loyalty that he inspires among the survivors, Rick’s impulsiveness is incredibly dangerous. He risks their lives as well as his own whenever he decides to chase down a lead, and we can only hope that his cavalier attitude toward Negan won’t result in a bloodbath.

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