The Walking Dead: Is Negan's Big Moment Coming This Season?

Major spoilers for The Walking Dead below. Don’t read if you don’t want to know what may or may not be coming.

Things are pretty complicated right now on The Walking Dead, as just about everyone in the show is having one of the worst days of their lives, thanks to both a massive walker herd and a set of new characters. But the biggest singular threat of all is still on the horizon, for we won’t be meeting the profanity-spewing sociopath Negan until the Season 6 finale next year. It doesn’t sound like his entrance to the drama will be a quiet one, either, as a set video appeared online that seemed to show him taking part in his most iconic scene from the comic books. Somebody’s in trouble!

The video, which was removed by AMC not long after it was put on the Internet, seemed to show new addition Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, donning his leather jacket and wielding his signature weapon, the barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat that he affectionately calls Lucille. And he’s just not standing around leaning on the bat, either. According to, he’s swinging it away and bashing someone to death. But it’s not clear who that victim was.

I’m pretty sure everyone even vaguely familiar with The Walking Dead at this point knows that Glenn is on the receiving end of that bat in the comics, and it’s a moment that fans have been waiting for years to see. Given Glenn’s current state of “is he dead or isn’t he,” we probably shouldn’t expect for him to be the victim in this situation, which opens the door to so many other characters. It would be incredibly dark for Maggie to take Glenn’s place for that moment, given her recent announcement that she’s pregnant, but I can’t see the writers doing down that road. But who else?

Daryl was the first person to meet up with The Saviors – since we’re fully assuming that’s who was in the last episode – so maybe he’ll end up in the crosshairs. Given his popularity with fans, I can’t see that actually happening. Still, it HAS to be an important character for the scene to stand comparable to the comic moment. Could this be when Abraham gets whacked? Will Carl meet his maker in this way? Could Negan please also kill Father Gabriel, regardless of what else happens?

I honestly just thought that Negan’s introduction in the season finale was going to be short and surprising, without anything major happening so that fans could spend the offseason building anticipation. I didn’t think he’d actually murder anyone until Season 7. Thankfully, that doesn’t seem to be the case here. Who do you guys think will bear the brunt of Negan’s wrath?

Nick Venable
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