We’re still a month away from the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead, and the anticipation is building for the mayhem-filled advancement of the last episode. But while you’re waiting, you’re probably thinking about how your closet is severely lacking an armful of Walking Dead T-shirts. It’s something that a lot of the population suffers from, so don’t worry that it’s a problem you can’t talk about publicly.

Here are ten Walking Dead shirts that every fan should want in their wardrobe, from pop culture tie-ins to character-specific art. Next week, pants! (Not really.)(Well, maybe.)

walking dead
Perfect for: The Daryl Enthusiast
Daryl is arguably the most popular character on The Walking Dead, which makes him one of the most popular characters on TV. The fan attachment is basically what has kept him alive for all these years, and even though every season brings with it rumors of his demise, he’s still kicking and getting into scraps. Like this Hot Topic shirt suggests, his death would indeed cause people to want to riot, but it remains to be seen just how many torches, pitchforks and crossbows will be needed.

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