Good day, horror fans. This week’s new releases are pretty limited, though each has its own rewards if you’re near where they’re playing. First is the anthology horror V/H/S: Viral, a predictably scattershot affair that features a stellar short from Open Windows director Nacho Vigalondo (you can find this one on VOD if your local big screens aren’t showing it). The second one, a NYC exclusive for this week, is the Iranian vampire western A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, which our own Kristy called "a seductive journey that defies convention" in her review. Here’s hoping that flick gets enough buzz to go wide in the future.

In smaller news, Cheap Thrills director E.L. Katz will direct You’ll Be the Death of Me, a comedy horror that sees two New Yorkers’ impending romance interrupted by a mask-wearing lunatic. Spike Lee’s upcoming Ganja & Hess remake Da Sweet Blood of Jesus is getting a release from Gravitas Films on February 13, 2015, which makes the perfect Valentine’s date, right? The interactive movie/app sequel Dark Hearts: The Secret of Haunting Melissa has been released. And for a change of pace, here’s one of the latest music videos from the horror-themed band Jason and the Kruegers, "Get in the House, Carl," which is technically TV-related and about The Walking Dead, but it’s 8-bit and great and you can listen to their other movie-related stuff after you’re done reading.

And now, heeeeere’s Johnny.

the shining
The Shining Musical is Coming
Since we’ve already gone into TV territory, we might as well hit some stage musical news, right? Writer/director Joe Lovero (Book of Leo) has put together a stage adaptation of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining called REDRUM: The Unauthorized Musical Parody of The Shining, which will put the insanity-filled story to the tune of composer Jon Hugo Ungar’s musical score, along with Lovero’s lyrics. For anyone who just can’t get through The Shining without imagining how the lady in the bathroom’s scene would have gone as a toe-tapper, you’re not alone, as Lovero didn’t just throw this thing together willy nilly. Here’s how he described his inspiration.
REDRUM was born like most major works of musical theater - drunken spouses on their 2nd (3rd?) bottle of wine, watching one of their favorite horror movies for the 1,000th time, crying out ridiculous song ideas while wondering, ‘Why hasn't anyone turned this into a campy musical yet?!’ This of course leads to the next logical step, a 2:30 a.m. Craigslist post from a sleep deprived writer/director, seeking a composer to ‘make beautiful musical theater with’ – because everyone knows all great composers seek work on Craigslist from writers that promise to pay them with his wife's legendary meatballs."

And here’s the truly excellent proof of concept video released last year.

I may plan a vacation around going to watch this. Having just run its successful sneak preview at Pearl Studios NYC, REDRUM is planning on opening during Halloween Season 2015, and they’re saving a seat for Jack Nicholson. But not Grady?

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