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There are just two episodes remaining in the first season of The 100 and the penultimate one airs tonight. Based on the clip from "We Are Grounders - Part 1," it looks like Bellamy's on the verge of losing it. And with Clarke, Finn and Monty gone, not to mention the threat of the Grounders, it's not all that surprising that the pressure would be on. But his de-motivational speech only seems to be putting his people more on edge as they attempt to prepare for the Grounders' next assault.

Bellamy getting "unhinged" is one of the topics discussed by Supervising Producer Dean White and Executive Producer Jason Rothenberg in the "Inside The 100" video for "We Are Grounders - Part 1."

The exhausted teens and Bellamy's frustration, not to mention the Grounder's potential attack on the camp, which could come at any time, are just a few of the conflicts being dealt with on The 100 as the season draws to a close. As the above video indicates, the people on the ark are dealing with their own major time crunch, with only 52 hours of time left to survive on the ark and no exodus ships left to take people to Earth. As the producers reveal, Kane is determined to figure something out. And I'm thinking he or someone will, but will everyone on that ship survive? Or is this going to come down to saving whoever they can?

I'm wondering if it's possible for the ark to enter Earth's atmosphere and land (or crash land). The thought of that gives me a flashback to Battlestar Galactica's "Exodus Part II," when -- Battlestar Galactica spoiler alert! -- Adama took Galactica into New Caprica's atmosphere to launch their vipers. She fell like a beautiful fiery rock toward the ground and then JUMP!. Man, that was awesome. Sorry for the geeky flashback there, but those tend to happen with The 100. So it's hard not to wonder if maybe the Ark will be making its own grand entrance on Earth... except without the jump. We'll have to wait and see!

The 100 airs Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. Et on The CW. Check out the trailer for tonight's episode here.

Given that The 100 debuted as CW's most watched series premiere this season, and received positive reviews (including one by yours truly), it's no surprise that The 100 has been renewed for Season 2. Expect to see it on the schedule this fall.

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