The 100 Gets Renewed At The CW, The Tomorrow People And Others Cancelled

In with the new unfortunately means out with the old. Or well, old-ish anyway. CW's Star-Crossed only just got its start this year, and The Tomorrow People debuted last fall, but both dramas have been cancelled by The CW, along with veteran series The Carrie Diaries. On the bright side, in addition to some new series, which have been given the greenlight at the network (The Flash and iZombie among them), CW has renewed their promising sci-fi drama The 100, as well as Hart of Dixie and Beauty and the Beast.

Deadline reported the updates, including the cancellations and renewals. Here's the full rundown of what's in (including the previously renewed series and what's out.



The Originals



The Vampire Diaries

The 100

Hart of Dixie

Beauty and the Beast

Ordered to Series


The Flash

Jane the Virgin

The Messengers


The Tomorrow People


The Carrie Diaries

Pilots that didn't get ordered to series

Identity (Alex Kurtzman/Roberto Orci project involving an organ transplant and a terrorist plot)

Bloodlines (Supernatural spinoff)

Of the new CW shows returning for a second season, I loved The 100 when it premiered earlier this year, and have stuck with it since then, so I'm glad to see the sci-fi drama will be back (and curious to see if the network moves it to the fall for 2014-2015). I can't say the same for Star-Crossed or The Tomorrow People, neither of which held me beyond the first couple of episodes. But I'm sure there are fans out there disappointed to know the dramas won't be coming back. The same for the Sex and the City prequel drama The Carrie Diaries, which wrapped up its second season back in January and will not be returning for a third.

Supernatural fans may also be disappointed to know they won't be getting the Bloodlines spinoff, as that one was among the projects that didn't get a series order for 2014-2015. On the bright side, Supernatural will return, so it's not all bad news there.

On the spinoff front, Arrow fans have The Flash series to celebrate and anticipate. We're especially hopeful that the spinoff and DC adaptation will live up to the high standard set by Arrow. Here's everything we know about The Flash so far.

Hopefully The CW will give us a peek at their upcoming new series after their Upfront presentation next week. In the meantime, it looks like there's much more to celebrate than their is to mourn, as most of their shows are coming back next season, along with a few new ones. All the same, farewell Tomorrow People, Star-Crossed and The Carrie Diaries.

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