1000 Ways To Die/Manswers Reviews: New Seasons

I'm going to have to praise Spike TV and take them to task at the same time. Saturday night at midnight/11 PM Central, the network is offering a sneak peek at the new seasons of two of their most inventive and entertaining series: 1000 Ways to Die and Manswers. I think late night Saturdays is the perfect time to enjoy these shows. Plus, sitting down with friends and drinks would only enhance the experience!

Nevertheless, after this week's sneak peek, both shows will settle into their regular back-to-back timeslot on Wednesday nights at 10 PM ET. The problem I have is that this is the middle of the work-week. I think shows with crazy questions and answers, boobs and bizarre deaths are a great way to unwind after a long week of work. While watching these I found myself wanting to laugh with my buddies at the idiots on 1000 Ways to Die, but they weren't here.

Regardless, though, of when Spike TV chooses to air the episodes, I can't take away from their addictive sense of morbid curiosity and joy. Manswers is heading into its third season, and the questions are just as crazy as ever. The narration is so over the top, with funny warnings against trying any of this at home, that it keeps you moving through the episode. Even when there's a question that's a little more bizarre, they can usually find a way to keep you interested.

In this premiere, they ask the question if you can get hypnotized by boobs. I didn't think this was the cleverest of questions, but it was at least a guarantee of beautiful women. The premiere tackled how many non-alcoholic beers it takes to get drunk, and surviving an elephant charge, among other things. I think it's the total randomness of the questions the show tackles that keeps me entertained. And the blatant sexuality of the show is just raunchy enough to make you feel a little dirty -- or really just like a guy.

1000 Ways to Die has a much simpler reason for being awesome. It's people dying in the craziest ways. You get to see morons getting themselves killed, as well as freak accidents. And none of this is speculation, these are real people that really died in these really bizarre ways. Like Manswers, the narration keeps things moving, and while it's not as sexual as Manswers, it doesn't need to be.

Curiosity of how these people bit the dust kept me glued to the screen through each segment. I'm not going to spoil any of the deaths, so I'll just give you their listing and names (you can use your imagination):

#123 - Tali-Bombed

#315 - Vike-O-Done

#390 - UninTented

#444 - Deadliest Munch

#714 - Forked-Up

#913 - Dead Meat-Orite

#948 - Titty-Titty Bang-Bang

As long as people keep dying, and as long as we can keep coming up with questions we don't know the answers to, as well as further explorations of the female body, these shows should never run out of things to talk about. Now just put it on a night when I can invite my buddies over and laugh over a pizza and beers while watching them and we'll be golden. Otherwise, we'll have to go to work hung over on Thursdays, and you don't want that, do you?

1000 Ways to Die and Manswers premieres with a sneak peek at Midnight on Saturday, December 5, immediately following The Ultimate Fighter 10 finale.

Beginning Wednesday, December 9, both shows settle into their regular timeslot, starting at 10 PM ET.