For those of you who were completely floored by how the second season of Showtime’s The Big C ended, this video, which features executive-producer Jenny Bicks as she discusses the Season 2 conclusion, may offer some interesting clues to season 3 as well as insights into those jawdropping final few moments from the finale.

Read no further if you’re not caught up on The Big C!

If you’re caught up on the series, then you know that Cathy’s husband Paul was last seen among the deceased at the marathon finish line. The big reveal was that, while Cathy saw him standing next to Lee and Marlene, Adam and her brother don’t see him. We next see Paul on the floor of the insurance office as people attempt to revive him. Is he dead? The fact that Cathy sees his “ghost” seems to imply that but a part of me was really hoping that maybe he’s only “mostly dead.”

Maybe I’m grasping at straws here, but it seems like Bicks is choosing her words carefully when she speaks of Paul’s situation in the video below.

“In that moment, he has crossed over to a different plain, to a place where they are. That’s obviously startling for Cathy, and I hope it’s startling for the audience as well.”

She doesn’t say he died or even that he’s in the afterlife. He’s on a “different plain” which means, maybe at the time Cathy sees him, he’s standing between here and the great white light, or whatever awaits us in the afterlife. So maybe, just maybe, they're going to get his ticker beating again and Paul will be back for Season 3 (with his own health issues to deal with).

After Oliver Platt’s amazing performance with Paul’s outburst, it would be a major loss for the show if he should leave. Then again, what a twist! With Cathy dealing with her own mortality, the idea of Paul dying first would certainly come as a shock.

?We have a while to wait to know if Paul is really dead. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out when the series returns for Season 3, which will apparently be focused on Cathy in the “bargaining” phase of her situation.

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