Death has never been particularly absent in the modern era of television, and some of the most memorable episodes of television have been based around characters saying farewell. (Or getting killed before they have a chance to.) Viewers have seen literally hundreds of TV characters die in the last few years, with some far more heartbreaking than others.

As such, we looked back over the past two years – the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 TV seasons – and pulled out 11 deaths that tore half of our collective heart from our chest and used it to pummel the other half into a tear-shaped pulp. And we start off with a shocking demise that ended a relationship that millions of people had loved for years. (Spoilers to follow, obviously.)

the flash
Henry Allen (The Flash)
Barry Allen’s story is one formed by tragedy, as the (no longer permanent?) death of his mother at the hands of Reverse-Flash took away both parents Nora and Henry, who was imprisoned until the beginning of Season 2. He wasn’t around a ton as a free man, but Henry was still able to talk to Barry without a wall of glass between them. And so when he was murdered as part of Zoom’s not-so-great plans, in an episode that came JUST AFTER Barry had finally gotten a full grasp on his mother’s death, the heart-stomping impact was palpable, and the look on Grant Gustin’s face is everything we were feeling inside. Thankfully, John Wesley Shipp’s time with the show will continue, and possibly Henry’s, too, in some form.

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