Just a couple of days ago, Twin Peaks co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost revealed they would be returning to the Washington town to film 10 brand new episodes. Details on the new episodes of the cult series are being kept under wraps right now, but we do know that Frost and Lynch will write the limited event series, which will be set 25 years after the events that occurred in ABC’s primetime drama in the early nineties. With subscription cable comes a whole new opportunity to get weird, but we’re hopeful that Twin Peaks will nod at its past as it moves forward into its future.

We’ve compiled a list of the Twin Peaks characters we hope will pop up in the new series. There’s been no official casting for the drama so far, but plenty of actors from the original series are still around, and some have already expressed interest. Since the show suffered from a cancellation despite featuring a few cliffhangers, it would be great to catch up with many of the residents of Twin Peaks. Just assume if your favorite character didn’t make this list, the character or actor playing that character might have died. Alternatively, perhaps we just found that character to be extremely annoying or unlikeable, or even boring or too batshit crazy. Find out who made the cut, and who we’d like to see pop up when Twin Peaks hits Showtime in 2016.

Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan)
Dale Cooper is arguably the most important character in the Twin Peaks canon. Despite the fact that Twin Peaks eventually was able to wrap things up a bit with the movie Fire Walk With Me, Cooper is arguably the character with the least resolved storyline on the series, as the “good Dale” was still left in the black lodge the last time we left Twin Peaks, Washington.

I have no idea how David Lynch or Mark Frost would use the character in the new season, but it’s clear that MacLachlan is game to return. The man’s always working or pursuing his off beat interests, but he hasn’t had a huge role since Believe was canceled, so a return to Twin Peaks would likely be a welcome change of pace. Additionally, he’s already hinted about his return via Twitter.

I’d say he’ll be having some damn fine coffee in 2016.

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