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Director David Lynch is known for being a cryptic genius, and he’s just figured out the best way to set the Internet on fire: post a tweet with quite possibly the most ominous quote from his cult mystery series Twin Peaks. What’s even more mysterious? His Twin Peaks co-creator/producer Mark Frost posted the exact same tweet at the exact same time. There are few coincidences in the world of David Lynch, and I can hardly assume that this is one. Take a look.

And here’s the identical tweet Mark Frost posted.

Spoiler alert for those of you who never watched the series all the way through. The quote “That gum you like is going to come back in style,” is the catalyst for solving the murder of Laura Palmer, as Agent Dale Cooper heard it in his dreams in the Red Room, which you can see below.

The quote's importance was known during the ninth episode of Twin Peaks’ Season 2, as Cooper was able to use it to identify the host of BOB’s dastardly spirit, which was Leland Palmer, Laura's father. As the series became even wackier and less ratings-friendly once Laura’s murder was solved, that makes this quote one of the most important in the series. So having Lynch and Frost both using it, along with “#damnfindcoffee,” almost necessarily means something big is coming to the town of Twin Peaks. It's been in the cards for a while now.

But what could it be? Ask your local log lady and let me know, would you?

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