Frozen’s popularity is quite the phenomenon. In ABC’s brand new special geared to fans of the Disney movie, The Story of Frozen: Making a Disney Animated Classic, the cast and crew all join up to discuss the behind-the-scenes stories surrounding the making of the film, as well as try to come to grips with why Frozen has become as popular as it is. The hour-long event program is an exceptional special that probably should have been included on the disc as a bonus feature, but is still worth a watch in its current amalgamation, especially if you have family members who still love to belt out the lyrics to “Let it Go.”

If you weren’t plopped down in front of the television when The Story of Frozen aired on ABC this evening, we’ve put together a list of some of the hottest facts from the special that should help you to look like a Frozen expert in front of your kids. From Elsa's initial status as a villain to fun facts about Olaf, this list is a must-read. If you'd like to skip ahead to learn about the animated short the franchise is planning, we are cool with that, too.


Josh Gad is not really a snowman. In a funny joke at the beginning of the special, Gad laughs about the resemblance between himself and the animated snowman he plays in Frozen. Just to remind you, in real life he is not in danger of melting in the California sun.

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