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Did you watch Sharknado last night? No? What a loser! To be fair, choosing to spend your Thursday night doing pretty much anything else-- playing kickball, going to a sporting event or a concert, enjoying summer's beauty, even watching Big Brother-- probably seemed like the better bet, but while you were out, everyone you know was watching Sharknado. And tweeting about it. And now it's Friday morning and you're headed into the weekend and you're already out of the loop.

I mean, Mia Farrow was watching Sharknado, and she even managed to punk the Internet by pretending she was watching it with author Philip Roth. Everyone in their right mind went crazy for the idea that the star of Rosemary's Baby and Woody Allen's ex-wife had hunkered down on the couch with the author of Portnoy's Complaint for a fine night of watching Tara Reid and Ian Ziering fight tornadoes with sharks in them. Turns out the photo was from a dinner the two had in June, but Farrow really was watching Sharknado, as proven by a series of other tweets.

And Farrow was far from the only one-- according to Fox News, the movie's premiere on SyFy was the source of over 5,000 tweets per minute as of 10:58 p.m. last night-- right near the end of the movie's two-hour runtime. Of course, when Barack Obama was re-elected as Prsident last November there were 5,000 tweets per second about it, but still not bad for a completely insane-looking movie about a sharknado. And a lot of those tweets belonged to famous, funny people other than Mia Farrow, including Lost creator and Prometheus writer Damon Lindelof, who started cooking up some sequel ideas with comedian Patton Oswalt:

Lindelof, never afraid to make fun of himself, also somehow managed to tie Sharknado into the much-maligned ending of Prometheus, in which-- spoiler!-- Charlize Theron is crushed by a rolling piece of spaceship that seemed narrow enough for her to simply run sideways and avoid it entirely. All it took was a Ferris wheel for Lindelof to realize the error of his ways.

Oh, and #Sharknado was a worldwide trending topic last night.

Of course, we were totally cool enough to watch Sharknado last night, and didn't at all miss out on the frenzy of fun tweets that will have everyone saying "Yeah, you had to be there" for the weekend when we try to make our own Sharknado jokes. Yup, totally cool enough. But in case you guys missed out, here's the Sharknado trailer to give you the basic rundown. Currently SyFy only has Sharknado scheduled to re-run on August 22, but if they're an ounce as smart as they seem to be for having made the movie to begin with, they'll schedule another re-run ASAP. This is your golden moment, Sharknado! Milk it for all it's worth!

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