Author Gillian Flynn is a hot property right now. She has written several bestselling books, and one of them, Gone Girl, was adapted for the big screen by bigtime director David Fincher. Her other two books, Dark Places and Sharp Objects were actually purchased to be turned into films, but now it looks as if one of her book adaptations will actually be headed in a different direction. Instead of getting the theatrical treatment, Sharp Objects is actually headed to television.

News broke this week that eOne Television has bought Sharp Objects and has plans to turn the property into a TV series. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Private Practice producer Marti Noxon has already been signed on to be the showrunner on the project, as well as write the Sharp Objects adaptation. According to Deadline, Flynn will also be involved with the project, joining as an executive producer alongside Jason Blum and Charles Layton. Noxon’s involvement as a writer is a little surprising, as Flynn was super involved with the Gone Girl big screen adaptation, writing the screenplay for the project.

Sharp Objects is Gillian Flynn’s debut novel. Fans of her work will usually describe the book as imperfect and a little lacking compared to her subsequent work, especially where its ending is involved. The book follows a news reporter who escaped her psychotic family and small hometown only to have a psychotic break herself. Soon after, she, wisely or unwisely, returns to her hometown to cover the murders of two young girls. Assumedly, Noxon will “sharpen” up the book to make it suitable for a TV format.

Currently we have no idea when Sharp Objects will make it onto the small screen. We do know that it will be presented as an hour-long series, which is certainly a different sort of writing style than a book or a movie screenplay. Additionally, we do know that eOne has plans to distribute the show worldwide.

Since Sharp Objects is far from casting, much less nabbing a premiere date, it could be a while before fans get their fix. Luckily, if you do like pretty much anything Flynn has ever created, you’re in luck. Gone Girl is a much more feasible reality at this point, and is set to hit theaters on October 3. Better yet, Twentieth Century Fox and Regency films have already released the trailer for the new movie, which should make you even more excited about her body of work.

We’ll let you know as soon as more Sharp Objects-related news breaks.
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