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The League is set to premiere its seventh and final season tonight, and while FXX has already said the upcoming set of episodes will be the show’s last, the showrunners aren’t quite so certain. Jeff and Jackie Schaffer recently spoke out about the possibility for more The League down the line, and the prospects look pretty good. Here’s what Jeff had to say:
Will we see these guys again? I think we will. We're not quite done with them yet. We still have a lot of really funny stories that we never got to this year that we want to do. It's not over 'til it's over.

So, despite the fact The League Season 7 is being touted as the final bow for characters like Andre, Taco, Jenny, Ruxin, Pete and Kevin, there are still more plots the show would like to explore. Thus, if scheduling works out down the line and FXX is keen for more episodes, we could see the gang back together for another round of fantasy football. In fact, in the interview with Rolling Stone, Jackie also says the team is really leaving the door open in case The League wants to do more episodes at some point.
Even now we're probably supposed to be writing a series finale but we don't see it like that. We're writing a really amazing season finale and we'll see what happens.

And just to hammer home the fact that Jeff and Jackie Schaffer really, really wish The League would still continue going after Season 7, the showrunner had this to say about the direction the new episodes will be going in.
The only way to really wrap things up completely is to kill them all. People's lives keep moving and evolving so we just want to end the chapter, not the book. We wanted to make sure that at the end of the season it felt like, 'Oh that was a satisfying wrap-up to all the things they started in the beginning of the season.' We're just focused on making a really funny season.

Although killing off the characters is mentioned in the quote, The League isn’t exactly Six Feet Under and the aim is simply to end the chapter and leave possibilities open down the line. Honestly, goofy hijinks and bro convos have always been the hallmarks of the series, and so ending the show on a wild plot that wouldn’t allow for a return wouldn’t exactly be The League’s style. Here’s a preview for the new eps that is more The League’s style.

CinemaBlend has called The League Season 7 a return to form, and if you are excited about tuning in for Season 7, you can find out for yourself when the latest season of the show hits FXX’s schedule tonight at 10 p.m. ET. You can check out the rest of the upcoming fall premiere dates with our fall TV schedule.

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