Every year, we see the same sorts of trends happening to TV shows. Programs that started high in the fall often will begin faltering after they return from hiatus. Other shows that have started low in the fall get shuffled off into new timeslots, etc. These trends might not be a great sign for any of the particular shows, but they're actually not death sentences for network TV series. It just means a show is on the bubble. And as the ratings get lower each year, leaving room for social media and other platforms to make a difference, more and more shows find themselves in the unlucky situation of being right on the bubble.

This spring, we’ve culled through all of the big TV shows on the major networks and have come up with a list of programs that are hurting in the ratings and very well may not be on the schedule when the new season kicks off. Without further ado, here are the network TV shows that are right on the bubble between cancellation and renewal. If a low-rated show is missing from this list, go ahead and assume we think it is going to be cancelled.

Sleepy Hollow
Sleepy Hollow, Fox
Sleepy Hollow has been a perpetual favorite on lists like these over the past couple of seasons. After a startlingly good first season, the supernatural drama took some unlikeable turns in Season 2. While things have looked up a bit in Season 3, a complete rewrite—including Betsy Ross—has changed the narrative and turned off more audiences. Things got so bad, Fox shipped the show off to Friday nights, where its last original only did a .8 rating. There’s always the chance Fox might push the show to a fourth season and additional episodes, but since Sleepy Hollow isn’t close to hitting the traditional syndication mark, now might be as good of a time as any time to say sayonara to Sleepy Hollow.

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