How John Stamos Reacted When He Saw The First Fuller House Promo

John Stamos is pretty busy with Fox’s Grandfathered, but he’s found time to return for Netflix’s upcoming Full House spinoff Fuller House. After filming was completed and Netflix started to release promotional content for the series, John Stamos got emotional. Like really, really emotional. Here’s how he reacted when the first promo for Fuller House came out:

This is so stupid, but it was when I saw the first promo for Fuller House. Even shooting it, I never got too emotional. When they released it, I woke up and watched it in my bed with my dog just bawling my head off.

John Stamos doesn’t strike me as the kind-of guy who would bawl when something like a trailer for a TV series would drop, especially if it’s the trailer for a project he actually worked on and knows the eventual outcomes for. In fact, his comments to People even reveal that he feels his reaction may have been a wee bit over the top. 

However, John Stamos is the guy that really pushed Fuller House forward and helped to get it off the ground. He was on board before most of the original cast members confirmed they would be back for the spinoff, at least for an episode or two. He’s basically been the spokesperson for the series, as well, popping up on numerous talk shows to get people excited about Fuller House, which is set to follow a recently widowed D.J., her best pal Kimmy and her sister Stephanie, who will help out with D.J. and Kimmy’s kids. If you haven't caught it yet, you can take a look at the full trailer, here. The arrival of Fuller House should theoretically be the culmination of everything Stamos has been working to get together for the past year or so. It's no wonder he got a little overwhelmed when he saw the trailer. 

The news that Stamos cried actually echoes a story that other Fuller House star Candace Cameron Bure told just a few weeks ago. She said that she returned to the set for the first time and saw John Stamos--who plays D.J.'s Uncle Jesse--standing there. In an odd moment, she also started bawling.

I cried once I saw [John Stamos] on the stage. It just got more and more surreal, and it was like I can't believe we're back here. It was just emotional and overwhelming and beautiful.

So, clearly a good chunk of the cast has gotten emotional over something or the other since filming began. The TV promo just happened to be John Stamos' vulnerable moment. 

Fuller House is premiering very soon. In fact, Netflix has it on the schedule starting this Friday, and you can binge new episodes to your heart's content on February 26 at 12:01 a.m. PT or anytime later. You can also see what else Netflix has coming up with our Netflix TV premiere schedule.

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