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Sandra Oh Just Shared The Best Grey's Anatomy Reunion Picture

Grey's Anatomy won't be back on ABC for another few months, but that doesn't mean we won't be seeing any drama involving the show. Well, maybe it's not REAL drama, but it's also not scripted drama. Check out what former cast member Sandra Oh was up to recently, and who she was up to it with.

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Hilarious! Although it does take a bit of show knowledge to follow along. For ten seasons of Grey's Anatomy, Sandra Oh played the pragmatic surgeon Christina Yang, eventually exiting the role to move on to other projects. For several of those years, Christina was married to surgeon Owen Hunt, as played by Kevin McKidd, seen in the picture with Oh. The characters had problems, divorced and officially split when Christina left for Switzerland, and Owen moved on and started up a relationship with Caterina Scorsone's Amelia Shepherd, which culminated in their wedding day in the Season 12 finale.

I think we're all up to speed on where things are going in both real life and fiction with these two actors, at least in relation to each other. But we haven't seen all of the faux shade that Sandra Oh is flinging at Kevin McKidd's current TV nuptials. Check out Oh's next tweet.

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Sadly, this isn't indicative of Sandra Oh returning to the Grey's Anatomy multiverse in any form, although that would be a welcome sight next season. The actress popped onto Twitter after a hiatus with a shot of her hanging with McKidd and Tony Phelan, the creator of the upcoming CBS thriller _Doubt. _(That show happens to star Oh's former co-star Katherine Heigl.)

With so many months left to go until Season 13 gets here, news about upcoming Grey's Anatomy situations are few and far between, although we won't have to worry about any Callie, since Sara Ramirez exited We know that big things are going to happen with Jo and Alex, as well as Bailey and Ben. And there are rumors that Owen and Amelia might be welcoming another into the family. Just think of what Sandra Oh would have to say to that.

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