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The New Game Of Thrones Hype Video For Battle Of The Bastards Is An A+

Season 6 of Game of Thrones is quickly coming to a close, but there are a few more episodes before we spend nearly a year debating whatever cliffhangers occurred in the finale. Game fans will know that the ninth episode of each season is usually the craziest, with the Red Wedding, Ned's beheading, and the battles of Blackwater and Castle Black all occurring in the penultimate episode. Season 6 seems to be no different, with Jon leading troops to Winterfell in an attempt to take the North back from Ramsay Bolton. While the fandom is all excited at the idea of the Starks once again being in Winterfell, and for Ramsay Bolton to hopefully die in a gruesome manner, one video was just made which will amp up the hype to 10.

In the above video, a diehard Game of Thrones fan has cued up all the clips and dialogue that have led up to the Battle of The Bastards, and it will have you counting the minutes before this Sunday's episode premiers.

Pretty awesome, right? While HBO released a standard quick teaser for the upcoming episode, this video takes it a step further and really sets up what's going on in the psyche of each major character, while also recapping the long struggle with that little (former) bastard Ramsay Bolton.

The Boltons have been a real thorn at the side of House Stark since the infamous red wedding. Going against all Westeros standards of living, the Freys attacked Robb, his wife, Catelyn Stark, and their bannerman, despite being guests in The Twins. This betrayal is utterly incomprehensible, especially in the novels, because going against guest right is considered sacrilege. Guest right, which is usually secured by the eating of bread and salt, guarantees that no harm will come to either the guest or the host. While Walder Frey is the most responsible for this betrayal, Roose Bolton sat with Catelyn during the Wedding, eventually revealing his chainmail right before the massacre began before delivering the final blow to Robb.

While Roose dropped off a bit following the Red Wedding, he made room for his bastard Ramsay, who would go on to make Joffrey look like an adorable adolescent in comparison Ramsay's atrocities. At this point, we've seen Ramsay do almost every terrible act one can think of. In addition to the maiming and torture of Theon and Sansa's brutal sexual assault, he's also murdered his father, fat Walda, and their infant. His letter to Jon Snow revealed his lust for blood and flesh has not subsided, and he's ready to torture the three Stark children who would be his victims if the Boltons win the Battle.

Of course, we'll just have to watch this week's episode of Game of Thrones to find out what happens to everyone. I personally can't wait for Ramsay to finally lose, and Jon to hopefully take his head the way Ned killed the Night's Watch deserter in the first episode. Let's just hope that poor Rickon can somehow make it through the siege without Ramsay killing him.

Game of Thrones airs Sundays on HBO.

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