Would The Bachelorette's Chad Sign On For The Bachelor?

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Reality TV can be enjoyable for a plethora of different reasons, but I assume we all take a sub-ironic pleasure in watching the "villains" of shows such as Big Brother, Survivor and even Top Chef. On this season of The Bachelorette, there is no denying that distinction belongs (or belonged) to Chad Johnson, a consistent source of awkward hilarity among the testosterone-exuding contestants. No longer an option for current Bachelorette JoJo, Bad Chad is an obvious guilty pleasure choice to lead the next season of The Bachelor, but would he do it?

Obviously, I am still single; I am still looking for love. Being the Bachelor obviously would be amazing, to have a choice from a group of absolutely beautiful women, but I dunno. I feel like at this point I was possibly portrayed as a little too crazy to be that person.

An answer that offers up the kind of self-awareness that you'd often see flashing across Chad's face as he'd make casual threats to contestants or when he let loose with his roast-ready slamming of all the other potential mates. We all know that reality TV is created through editing, and that it'll often be people's worst behavior that makes it to air, even if they aren't at all that type of person on a regular basis. Chad basically gamed the system, or at least he tried to, by one-upping the editors with his own brand of insanity.

Which means he's pretty much the perfect person to take over The Bachelor when it returns for Season 21 in 2017 (or whenever), even if he thinks he was presented as too over the top. Sure, you run the risk of duplicating the awfulness of Juan Pablo from a couple of seasons ago, but I think Chad is far more savvy about how to approach things. I mean, he did troll his fellow contestants by using their names as websites that linked back to Chad's Instagram page, so the guy definitely has style when it comes to strategic planning.

Of course, if Chad was a Bachelor being tasked with picking a mate from a group of eligible women, then he wouldn't have anyone to rile up, so that might take away from the behavior that made him a standout contestant to begin with. I can't imagine an overstimulated Chad would be boring by any stretch, but one has to wonder if his brute hysteria was the real draw here. (I guess one doesn't HAVE to wonder that.) The Bachelorette is already worse in its absence as all the non-Chads realize how key that dynamic was.

Chad Johnson shared his thoughts on The Bachelor on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, a show that will often invite former stars and contestants for sudsy interviews. You can check out everything else the soon-to-be Bachelor in Paradise player had to say in the clip below.

When the last season of The Bachelor ended, it brought the shocking announcement that JoJo was going to be this season's Bachelorette instead of the person who'd been initially tapped to take the role. So who knows what'll happen by the time there are only two lovebirds left standing this time around?

The Bachelorette airs Monday nights on ABC.

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