Game of Thrones is an incredibly popular TV series across the globe, which means that viewers spend a lot of time thinking about and discussing the HBO drama. Sometimes there are universally beloved theories and opinions about the show, while other times individuals have spouted unpopular theories and opinions about the fantasy drama. We've culled through all of those unpopular opinions this week and compiled a list of the nine big ones we feel don't get enough credit. You can check 'em out, below.

Please remember these are all controversial opinions, just ones we feel have good arguments and/or a grain of truth to them and we're bringing them up to create an interesting and open dialogue with you, the viewer. Also SPOILERS, obviously.

Killing Off Ramsay Was A Mistake

During Game of Thrones' recent episode "The Battle of The Bastards," Ramsay Bolton was killed off in an epic scene featuring Sansa Stark siccing his hungry dogs on the newly legitimate Bolton. Most people were fine with the violence and were happy to see Ramsay go in such a brutal manner, but there's a minority opinion that says killing off Ramsay Bolton was a mistake.

Sure, killing off Ramsay meant the hero won for once on the show and it was nice to see the Starks finally win back Winterfell. However, killing off Ramsay means there is no truly compelling villain on Game of Thrones anymore, except for maybe Euron Greyjoy, who hasn't really done much yet. Having someone to root against has always been an important part of Game of Thrones and the show will be sorely missing its lack of villains next season. The show should have kept him around.

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