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Spoilers for the Season 6 finale of Game of Thrones are all over this article. If you haven't caught the episode, yet, and would like to be surprised, please check out one of our other lovely articles.

Cersei had a big episode this weekend. While not as memorable as her naked walk of shame, the Season 6 finale was a more powerful one for the character, who finally came into her own during "The Winds of Winter." She used wildfire to vanquish her enemies, but the decision also cost Cersei her son, Tommen, fulfilling the prophecy that Maggy the fortuneteller had told her so long ago. Following the episode, actress Lena Headey spoke out about learning what would happen during Season 6 and how she feels about the huge twist the script thrust upon her. Here's what she had to say:

Yes, the prophecy finally comes true. Which is horrible. Yet at the same time, she has her greatest moment of triumph. She gets rid of all her enemies, that she knows of anyway. Then there's that moment where she goes to see dead Tommen and she thinks, 'Ah. Well. I'll [take the crown].' It's so wrong.

After a couple of seasons of dealing with the High Sparrow and steadily losing ground in King's Landing, Cersei took matters into his own hands in one fell swoop. She secured her son Tommen in an area far away from where the trials were being held. Then, she had Qybern's "little birds" use the wildfire hidden under the city to blow up the High Sparrow and even Loras and Margaery Tyrell. Unfortunately, Cersei didn't anticipate the emotional toll this would take on her youngest born son. After setting aside the crown, he ultimately opted to step out of a window, taking his own life. Obviously, a lot of fans were happy to see Cersei finally stand up for herself, even if it came in a deliciously villainous manner. The Tommen suicide was a little more surprising, but it did give the scene an edge, proving that every action has an equal and opposite reaction and that Cersei would have to pay a price for the horrible decision she made.

Lena Headey also told EW that Cersei was simply tired of never having the power to make sure that Westeros was headed in the direction she wanted.

Yeah. I think part of what happened to her, is a sense of 'never again will anybody do anything to me that I don't want to happen.' This is the end of that.

One of my favorite moments during the episode occurred when Jaime Lannister returned to King's Landing following his journey to Rivverrun and back again. He was on the road and couldn't have known exactly what happened in his absence, but he walked in, smiling, just as Cersei was given the crown. It harkened back to that conversation that Jaime had with Edmure Tully earlier this season, noting he didn't care about anything except for Cersei. Cersei may have had to sacrifice Tommen, but nothing will stand in the way of her and Jaime, now.

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"The Winds of Winter" was the Season 6 finale of Game of Thrones. Luckily, the drama has already been renewed for Season 7 and you can find out what we know about the upcoming episodes here.

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